In 2012 the Publish What You Pay International Secretariat consisted of a small core team of seven members. Six based in London and the one in Beirut. The PWYP International Secretariat does not have its own legal entity, but is hosted by the Open Society Foundation in London. Until October 2012 the Programme Manager for Africa was hosted by Catholic Relief Services in Ghana but then moved to be based with the PWYP Secretariat in London. The Africa budget for 2012 has been included in the income and expenditures for 2012. The Coordinator for the MENA region is hosted by Revenue Watch Institute with separate income and expenditures and therefore is not included here.

Income 2012

In 2012, the income for the London-based PWYP Secretariat was £1,234,325.87 from seventeen different supporters. Compared to the budget of 2011 the income of the PWYP Secretariat has almost tripled and the number of supporters has more than doubled.

2012 income

Expenditure 2012

Our total expenditure for the calendar year 2012 was £1,057,596.56.

2012 expenditure

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Four of the supporters in 2012 are NGOs, members of the coalition and long-term contributors demonstrating their enormous commitment to the campaign and the coalition: Global Witness, Revenue Watch Institute, Cordaid, and CAFOD. Together they are responsible for 24.97% of the total income in 2012.

The PWYP International Secretariat benefits from partnerships with two foundations: the Open Society Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation who between them contribute 50.73%.
Open Society Foundation in London is also PWYP’s legal host and PWYP’s income and expenditure is therefore audited as part of OSF’s audit in London. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation began supporting PWYP in July 2011, with a two year partnership totaling U$500,000.

You will note that the income is larger than our expenditure for 2012. This is because a number of donors contributed late in the year for projects which will take place in 2013. Cordaid, for example, contributed core support towards the Africa project and towards scoping studies to take place in 2013. The British Embassy in Beirut contributed money for two workshops in Beirut, one at the end of 2012 and one in 2013. The Royal Norwegian Embassy also contributed towards the cost of the second workshop in 2013.The final contribution from the Hewlett Foundation covers expenses scheduled over two calendar years.

Strategy Development Process

2012 saw PWYP develop its strategy, culminating in the International Coalition Strategy Meeting, held in Amsterdam in September. It was a large undertaking including regional and/or national events in Senegal, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, Indonesia in order to get our members voices heard as part of the strategy development. This would not have been possible without the support of a range of donors. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, World Bank Institute, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Development Bank and the World Bank Sustainable Energy, Oil, Gas and Mining unit contributed towards the cost of the conference and associated workshops. Funds from The Hewlett Foundation and an additional local contribution from Cordaid that didn’t go through the PWYP budget were also used to cover the costs of the International Coalition Strategy Meeting coinciding with our tenth anniversary. Support from other foundations within Open Society Foundations was instrumental in enabling participants from the South to attend the conference. On top of their general support to Publish What You Pay, CAFOD and Global Witness also contributed additional funds to enable participants from the South to attend. Several local PWYP coalitions were able raise funds locally. For a full list of supporters, as well as a report on the Amsterdam conference, please read Extracting Experiences, available via http://extractingthetruth.org

In-kind contributions from PWYP Members

Please note that the majority of the PWYP coalition members, including those listed above, contribute in kind through human resources, legal and/or technical expertise, media outreach and engagement, organisation of workshops etc. which are equally – if not more – important to advance our cause. An exercise to ‘monetise’ this is virtually impossible but we would not be where we are today without this joint commitment to the PWYP’s strategic pillars. In addition this page only refers to the income and expenditures of the International Secretariat, the national coalitions have their own sources of funding which as part of our new governance structure will be posted on the country pages in the future. For coordination and harmonisation purposes the International Secretariat strongly recommends donors to liaise with PWYP before committing to funding coalitions.

With the new ambitious Vision 20/20 it is obvious that the PWYP Secretariat needs to be strengthened in order to better serve the needs and demands of the growing coalition. We would love for more organisations, especially from within the coalition, to support our campaign for an open and accountable extractive industry. If you are interested in supporting one of the most successful coalitions of the last decade, please contact PWYP’s International Director. Please note that we do not accept any donations from the extractive industry.