Global Steering Committee

Participants at PWYP's ten year anniversary conference endorsed and elected the Global Steering Committee on 19 September 2012. The creation of this commitee was decided following a year long consultation with PWYP's members as to the shape of PWYP's governance.

The role of this committee will be to provide overall governance and strategic guidance to the coalition. Representation is based on regions (weighted according to number of coalitions). Each member represents a constituency, if you have any matters that need to be discussed by the GSC please contact your representative.

The first Global Steering Committee meeting took place in Sydney on 18th – 19th May 2013. You can read the communiqué of the meeting here. 

The second Global Steering Committee meeting took place in Paris on 22nd – 23rd January 2014. You can read the minutes of the meeting in English, French, Arabic and Russian.

The third Global Steering Committee meeting took place in Washington DC on 5th - 6th August 2014. You can read the minutes of the meeting in English, French, Arabic and Russian. At this meeting, the GSC initiated a transition process for PWYP which was based on the recommendations of an external consultant. The full report on which the consultant's recommendations were based is available in English here.


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the GSC are below. The elected representatives (each region elected their own representative(s)) are as follows:


Representative for the Africa Steering Committee

Mamadou Taran Diallo (Guinea - Guinean Association for Transparency)


Mamadou Taran Diallo is actively involved in Guinean civil society. Amongst his responsibilities is his work as the President of the Guinean Association for Transparency (AGT), his responsibilities as the President of the National Coalition Publish What You Pay Guinea and his work as a member of the Steering Committee of the EITI Guinea.    Taran holds a diploma in Accounting Management from the Higher School of Administration at the Polytechnic Institute of Gamal Abdel Nasser Conakry. In addition to this Taran has also taken part in multiple economic, accountancy and anti-corruption training courses, including courses specifically targeting the EITI.   Taran also participates in the National Council of Organizations of the Guinean Civil Society (CNOSCG) and is a Member of the National Transitional Council (CNT), the current legislature of Guinea, as a civil society representative.   In addition to his civil society work, Taran is a sports enthusiast and helps to train young people to play football. 


Representative for Francophone Africa

Marc Ona (Gabon - NGO Brainforest)


Marc Ona is president and founder of the environmental NGO Brainforest, president of the network of NGOs called Environment Gabon as well as the PWYP coordinator for Gabon. Wheelchair-bound due to childhood polio, Marc also works for the rights for people with disabilities and Internet availability for Africans. In 2009 Marc won the Goldman Environmental Prize and was voted one Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment 2009. Marc received the prize for exposing unsavoury truths about a deal between the Gabon government and a Chinese company, CMEC, to mine for iron ore in the Congo rainforest, the world’s second largest tropical forest.  Marc pursues his mission at considerable personal risk and has been arrested several times. 


Representative for Anglophone Africa

Cecilia Mattia – (Sierra Leone - NACE)


Cecilia Mattia trained as a teacher and after teaching for 8 years moved to Community Animation working for an NGO named Network Movement for Justice and Development in the late 80’s.  She then moved to the Pan African Institute for Development in Cameroon followed by a stint in Guinea to work with Sierra Leonean and Liberian refugees in the various camps during the war.  In 1999 Cecilia joined the International Rescue Committee as Programme Manager for the Gender Based Violence Program and helped established the Family Support Units. In 2005, she joined the International Human Rights Law Group which was later named Global Rights, Partners for Justice.  While at Global Rights, Partners for Justice, she joined others to establish the National Advocacy Coalition on Extractives (NACE) of which Global Rights was a member.  In 2006, she formerly became the Coordinator of NACE where she is presently serving.  She is currently a Board member of the Tax Justice Network –Africa and a member of the Multi Stakeholder Group of the Sierra Leone Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative.  


Representative for Asia-Pacific

Cielo Magno (Philippines – Bantay Kita)


Cielo Magno is the National Coordinator of Bantay Kita, the PWYP affiliated coalition in the Philippines and a fellow of Action for Economic Reforms.  She is a Fulbright Scholar finishing her Ph.D. in Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  Cielo also has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines. Prior to joining Bantay Kita, Cielo works on the areas of government regulations, local public finance, governance reforms, and conflict and development issues. 


Representative for Central Asia

Olena Pavlenko (Ukraine - Dixi Group)


Olena Pavlenko, PhD., founder of “DiXi Group” analytical center and “Ukrainian Energy” site. Olena works in energy sphere more than 10 years, dealing with such issues as energy security, information policy in energy sphere, energy transparency, oil and gas market liberalization. She is an author of over a 100 articles on energy topic. Olena is a Deputy Head of the EITI MSG Group in Ukraine.  


Representative for Europe & North America 

Ian Gary (USA - Oxfam America)


Ian Gary is Senior Policy Manager for Extractive Industries with Oxfam America. Prior to joining Oxfam in 2005, Ian worked for Catholic Relief Services as well as held positions with the Ford Foundation and other international development organisations in the U.S. and Africa.  Ian has been a frequent commentator on extractive industries issues in major media outlets including New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian (UK), Le Monde, Washington Post, Financial Times, BBC, NPR and other outlets.    He has testified twice before the US Congress and given presentations at the European Parliament among others.  Ian has conducted field research on extractive industries issues in many countries and is an author of many publications. In addition Ian is a management committee member of the Publish What You Pay US coalition which successfully advocated for a new US law requiring disclosure of payments from oil and mining companies to host governments around the world. He holds a MA degree from the University of Leeds (UK) in the Politics of International Resources and Development and a BA from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.


Representative for Latin America

Aroa de la Fuente (Mexico - Latin American Network on Extractive Industries)


Aroa de la Fuente has worked in Mexico as a researcher for Fundar, Center of Analysis and Research since 2009. She is one of two people in charge of the Extractive Industries Project where she is responsible for all matters related to oil and climate change. As part of her responsibilities she co-coordinates issues related to Extractive Industries of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) process in Mexico. She is also actively engaged in the movement to get the Mexican government to adopt the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) agreement since 2011. Aroa has ample experience in networking at both the national and international levels. She represents Fundar and the Mexican agenda in the Latin American Network on Extractive Industries; she oversees the strategies that the Climate Change Public Funding Group implements in order to improve public expenditure on climate change policies; and she is a founding member of the Mexican Alliance Against Fracking. Aroa holds a master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as a degree in Psychology. She also holds a Technical Certificate in Extractive Industries from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.


Representative for Middle East & North Africa

Ali Al-Mahaweelee (Iraq - Rafiday Al Iraq Al Jadeed Foundation)


Ali works for the Rafiday AL Iraq Al Jadeed Foundation, where he sets the policy and the strategic planning to develop the foundation and its staff. Previously Ali worked for the Baghdad Provincial Council where he served as an NGOs advisor, coordinating contact between Baghdad provincial council and international donors and agencies as well as delivering capacity building training to NGOs in Baghdad. Ali also worked with Al Za'faraniya Local Council where he served as local council chair and functioned as committee chair for the Services, Administration & Finance and economy.  Ali has also participated in numerous training sessions on anti-corruption, conflict resolution, governance and women’s advocacy. Ali holds a Masters in Administration & Economy.


Donor Representatives

Suneeta Kaimal (USA – Revenue Watch Institute)


Suneeta founded the New York office of the International Association for Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, where she led the development of the peacebuilding initiative, directed research on security management, and served as the New York representative. Suneeta worked at Human Rights Watch and has held various consultancies with the UN, international and local civil society organizations. Suneeta shares responsibility for strategic planning and institutional growth and development. She ensures activities of the regional Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Caucasus, Latin America, and Middle East and North Africa programmess further the organisation’s strategic objectives. Suneeta also oversees the grant-making, communications and advocacy portfolios, including work with the EITI and with PWYP. Suneeta holds a Masters in International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, where she was a Hart Leadership Fellow. 

Brendan O’Donnell (UK – Global Witness)


Brendan O'Donnell is senior oil campaigner at Global Witness, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to preventing natural-resource related conflict and corruption, and a former international head of campaigns for the development agency ActionAid. Global Witness was a founding member of the Publish What You Pay campaign and was a member of the ‘previous’ management committee of the PWYP International Secretariat. 


Terms of Reference

  • To oversee implementation of PWYP’s strategic (work) plan and provide strategic leadership as needed.
  • To approve the annual budget for the International Secretariat and monitor the income and expenditures.
  • To help identify priority areas for advocacy and campaigning at regional and global levels.
  • To identify funding sources for the coalition and International Secretariat and provide inputs to funding proposals where strategic decisions and prioritisation are required.
  • To develop and supervise the nomination process of the CSO board members on the EITI International Board. 
  • To provide inputs into the performance management of the International Director.
  • To uphold, and provide governance according to, the coalition’s principles and membership standards. This includes the following:
    • To develop and implement policies on potential repercussions for non-compliance to the principles and standards.
    • To approve new coalitions and sanction existing PWYP coalitions using the membership standards and guidelines.
    • To review and where appropriate recommend changes to the operating principles and membership and coalition standards.
    • To advise on the development and implementation of PWYP’s conflict mediation policy, and where appropriate mediate when conflicts occur in and/or between coalitions
    • To oversee implementation of PWYP’s global protection policy.