How is Publish What You Pay governed?

To read more about our governance and what it means to be a member, read our PWYP passport.

Following a yearlong consultation process with our members, PWYP’s new governance structure was created and adopted at the PWYP International Conference in September 2012. Please see our strategy document Vision 20/20 or our strategy development process page for more information on that consultation.

You can read PWYP’s new strategy, and how it was developed, in our paper Vision 20/20.

PWYP’s governance structure consists of three bodies:

PWYP International Coalition Strategy Meeting
PWYP Global Steering Committee
PWYP Patrons

PWYP International Coalition Strategy Meeting

Our last meeting took place in Amsterdam in September 2012 and coincided with our ten year anniversary. You can read more about it here.

Representatives from the global coalition will meet every three years for an International Coalition Strategy Meeting (ICSM). The overall objectives of the meeting will be to:

  • Review progress made on PWYP’s international strategic priorities and, where necessary, adopt changes to the strategy or adopt a new strategy.
  • Elect the Global Steering Committee through regional nomination mechanisms.
  • Evaluate opportunities to strengthen and broaden civil society participation in the global PWYP movement.
  • Exchange lessons learned and best practices.

· Review and adopt any recommended changes to PWYP’s principles and membership standards.

PWYP Global Steering Committee

The two management committees to the International Secretariat and strategy advisory groups have been replaced with a single Global Steering Committee (GSC) made up of regional representatives as well as donor organisations, with a maximum of ten members. This is based on the Africa Steering Committee model. Other regions are welcome to develop their own regional governance structure where appropriate.

The Global Steering Committee was endorsed and elected at PWYP’s Anniversary Conference in Amsterdam 17-19 September 2012. You can read about the members of the committee, their terms of reference and the minutes of the meetings here.

The GSC should aspire to be gender balanced. It will hold two face-to-face meetings each year. Members will be elected by the International Coalition Strategy Meeting for a term of three years. No GSC member can serve more than two terms.

PWYP Patrons

A new body within the coalition will be set up: PWYP Patrons. Patrons will be regional role-models who stand for integrity, transparency and accountability, take pride in their association with PWYP and add value to our mission. Patrons will act mainly as ambassadors, to help increase PWYP’s visibility and profile and open doors to key people within governments, intergovernmental organisations and the donor community.

Proposed qualifications for Patrons are:

  • A PWYP Patron has earned her/his profile as a beacon of integrity, transparency and accountability.
  • A Patron has an extensive network of government, intergovernmental and donor contacts and is willing to share these and open doors.
  • A Patron is financially independent (the position is non-remunerated).
  • A Patron may have a background in civil society, the extractives sector or work in governmental or intergovernmental organisations.

The GSC and International Secretariat will work together to advance on the PWYP Patrons. If you have any good suggestions for Patrons please contact the PWYP Secretariat