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Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator 

PWYP Transition Project Manager


Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator 

Publish What You Pay seeks an Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator to provide dedicated support for coalition-building, advocacy, communications and outreach in the region.

The primary remit of this position is to support the efforts of national coalitions in their advocacy for stronger transparency and accountability in the extractive sector. In doing so, the Asia-Pacific Coordinator will work closely with national coalitions to reinforce their strategic and organisational capacities, their advocacy approaches and their ability to engage constructively with governments, parliaments, companies and other civil society groups to advance PWYP Vision 20/20 and in particular, to implement the regional advocacy strategy.  

The Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator will particularly seek to reinforce the capacity of PWYP national coalitions to engage along the different steps of the Chain for Change of extractive industries. Moreover, the Asia-Pacific Coordinator will ensure regular communication and information exchanges within the PWYP network and she/he will promote sharing of experiences and best practices and peer-to-peer learning. Another important focus of the position is to help (primarily) national coalitions as well as (secondarily) the PWYP International Secretariat access funding from national, regional and/or international funding sources. As in line with Vision 20/20 and the roles of the International Secretariat, the regional coordinator will seek joint fundraising opportunities with national coalitions thereby promoting and developing regional synergies and strategies for joint advocacy and campaigning work. Our long-term goal is for the post and region to be entirely self-funded.

The regional coordinator will be an integral part of the decentralised PWYP international secretariat (support unit based in London), but will also need to work in close cooperation with partners in the region (Cordaid, Natural Resource Governance Institute, Christian Aid  and others) to ensure complementarity, rather than duplication of the activities.

Excellent knowledge of English (written and verbal) is essential for this position. Knowledge of local languages is a plus.

The Asia-Pacific Coordinator will be based with one of the strategic partners or hosting organisations of the Asia-Pacific coalitions preferably Indonesia or the Philippines. S/he will report to the Programme Manager who is based in London.


Coalition-building and outreach

  • Facilitate ongoing learning for national coalitions and members through regular accompaniment and technical assistance, documentation of best practices, promoting peer-to-peer exchange and/or linking them to new donor and/or partner initiatives
  • Advise coalitions on internal governance/management mechanisms and help to mediate internal conflicts and disputes
  • Support national coalitions in developing sustainable fundraising strategies and provide assistance and capacity building in drafting proposals for donors
  • Build relationships of rapport with individual coalition members, the coalition coordinator in particular, by ensuring regular meetings and contact via phone, skype, email, etc.
  • Contact, support and respond to new members and disseminate relevant tools and resources so that they are fully involved in the campaign
  • Lend support to the organisation of regional / international PWYP meetings


  • Facilitate, enhance and coordinate strategic reflection, planning and learning on the  Asia-Pacific regional strategy to engage with key stakeholders and advance the extractive industry transparency agenda
  • Provide technical and fund-raising support for the effective implementation of the regional advocacy strategy
  • Facilitate sharing of experiences, provide assistance and support to national coalitions and member organisations to effectively and proactively advocate for improved legislation and policy regulating the extractive sector
  • Support national coalitions to improve their participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) process by facilitating the development of a strategy of engagement along the different steps of national action plans, by sharing best practices, monitoring country implementation, and identifying and finding solutions to challenges facing civil society
  • Ensure regular communication and exchanges between/among national coalitions and civil society international board members of the EITI
  • Facilitate and build capacity of national coalitions on the analysis and use of data disclosed through EITI reports and other sources
  • Identify gaps in evidence and information and promote research in collaboration with Asian universities and research institutions
  • Develop a specific strategy of engagement and coordinate advocacy targeting ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) and other relevant bodies
  • Monitor the security situation of civil society activists and ensure the effective implementation of the Protection Strategy

Ensuring effective communications and networking

  • Facilitate regular contributions from coalition members to the PWYP international news update, the PWYP website and the Asia-Pacific list-serve
  • Promote more regular exchanges with members by developing the range of communications tools and modalities available (e.g. via PWYP intranet and online communities, use of social media, etc.)
  • Update and maintain database of coalition members and related information
  • Write and help facilitate writing blogs and articles for the PWYP web site and Newsletter

Integration with the international PWYP campaign

  • Ensure that national campaigns are aligned to or informed by the global and regional strategy plan and coalitions are informed of any new developments at the international and regional levels and the implications of these for ongoing national-level advocacy. This is especially relevant for the mandatory disclosures campaign in Australia and beyond. 
  • Establish clear processes for consultation with national members on issues of strategic importance for the international and regional network
  • Support the organisation of regional meetings related to the framework of international PWYP or EITI-related events
  • Coordinate and amplify national civil society perspectives in the international and regional policy fora in which PWYP is active
  • Monitor country progress in EITI implementation and highlight areas of concern
  • Lend coordination support to international advocacy interventions on behalf of national civil society groups (e.g. pressure on company headquarters in host countries)

Donor relations and budget monitoring

  • Develop a funding strategy to ensure long-term sustainability of PWYP in the region
  • Draft new proposals and renewal requests
  • Maintain dynamic and productive relations with donors and engage in proactive outreach to new donors
  • Advise key donors and partners on needs and capacities of national coalitions and member organisations
  • Monitor and manage the core budget supporting the PWYP Asia-Pacific Coordinator’s work and activities
  • Produce donor narrative and financial reports


Advanced Degree in a related field and at least 5 years of relevant professional experience working on civil society, capacity building and/or natural resource governance in the Asia-Pacific region

Knowledge of regional issues, plus experience working with civil society in the region

Familiarity with the global extractive industry transparency movement and with the basic structure / operations of the extractive industries

Experience in fundraising with a proven track record of working with (international) donors

Fluency in English required. Local language a plus.

Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Willingness to travel up to 50%

Proven organisational skills and ability to work under pressure

Experience of using social media and Content Management Systems is desirable


Initial contract of 12 months, renewable, with a probationary period of 6 months

The Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator will be based with one of the strategic partners or hosting organisations of our coalitions based in the Asia-Pacific region. S/he will therefore be working on a local contract. S/he will report to the Programme Manager.

Remuneration commensurate to experience and qualifications


Please email a cover letter and CV by 15th January 2015 to Include in subject line your name, surname and reference PWYP.  

To download the full application pack click here 


PWYP Transition Project Manager


Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is a coalition of civil society organisations united in their call for an open and accountable extractive sector, so that oil, gas and mining revenues improve the lives of women, men and youth in resource-rich countries.  Founded in June 2002 by six NGOs based in the UK, it grew rapidly and now boasts 800 member organisations in over 60 countries, in 40 of which they are organised into national PWYP-affiliated coalitions. 

The global coalition has been coordinated by a small Secretariat.  As the coalition, its reputation and remit have grown, the Secretariat has become increasingly important for the coherence of the coalition, and its workload has increased.  In the last two years, substantial progress has been made on developing a PWYP governance structure, a global strategy, standards for governance of national coalitions and a more coherent approach to fundraising and budgeting for PWYP activities. 

With a new global strategic framework (Vision 20/20, launched in late 2012), a new governance structure and increasingly diversified sources of funding, the Secretariat has expanded significantly in 2013-14. This growth includes recruitment of a number of Regional Coordinators based in several regions outside the UK. 

The Secretariat has been ‘hosted’, since its inception and almost unbroken since then, by the Open Society Foundations (OSF). OSF provides legal and financial cover and takes the associated liabilities.  OSF service departments, including Administration, Human Resources, Finance and IT, currently provide the accounting, staff employment and support services to the Secretariat.  In 2012, OSF made a strategic decision to move away from hosting a range of organisations, and asked PWYP to investigate ways in which it could move out of OSF.  After 10 years of development, this also felt appropriate and timely for PWYP and a consultant was engaged to undertake a strategic and operation review of how this could be achieved in a way that reflects the Vision 20/20 strategy.

Following a period of eight months in which the consultant reviewed both the operational processes and requirements of PWYP as well as the strategic direction, and interviewed a diverse number of stakeholders, PWYP is now planning to transition from a hosted group within OSF to an independently registered charitable organisation. 


Publish What You Pay/OSF is seeking a Transition Project Manager who would be able to implement the operational aspects of the transition process outlined above, and oversee the entire transition itself through close liaison with PWYP’s International Director, Marinke van Riet, the Transition Committee, an independent consultant and with the various departments within OSF. 

Essential duties and responsibilities

The tasks of the Project Manager will include the following. OSF/PWYP may add, change, or remove essential and other duties at any time. 


  • Ensure legal representation is available and ensure the development of PWYP’s articles of association and ensure that the organisation meets the requirements of the UK Charity Commission and is registered within the timeframe proposed (by end February)
  • Ensure the set-up of the new entity’s bank account 

Office space

  • Search & identify office space / Identify office search consultant
  • Plan office preparation (cabling, furnishing etc)
  • Plan and execute office move including furniture purchase and install (if not moving to a shared office space) 

Financial management, donor contracts & governance

  • Ensure that all policies & procedures needed for a new organisation (including policies not related to finance such as procurement, delegated authorities etc) are developed in a (Financial) Management Manual
  • Work with OSF to isolate and make available PWYP historical accounts
  • Ensure that a level of reserves appropriate to PWYP’s turnover is secured; work with the International Director and OSF to establish how this will be created
  • Work with OSF to finalise PWYP accounts, transfer records and assets
  • Ensure that transfer of donor contracts from OSF to PWYP is negotiated and arranged
  • Ensure that an approach to new donor applications is agreed (i.e. when and how to set up PWYP rather than OSF as signatory of applications and party to contracts)
  • Ensure that the Consultant, International Director and PWYP Transition Committee complete the transition to independent governance 

Human resources management

  • Decide whether to use the comprehensive outsourced HR service
    • If not, acquire HR Manual and modify
    • If so, identify HR service organisation and hire
  • Engage legal support for TUPE
  • Ensure that engagement takes place with PWYP staff based in London on modifications to OSF terms and conditions and ensure that a contract of employment is developed
  • Ensure that new essential roles (book keeper and Finance & Administration Manager) are recruited within appropriate timescales
  • Research the implications of arranging employment contracts for regional coordinators directly with the independent entity and report back on feasibility and legal implications to the International Director
  • Ensure that a PWYP HR handbook is compiled 

IT & telephony

  • Work with OSF on isolation of PWYP files and systems
  • Arrange with OSF for transfer of equipment, software licenses and phone contracts
  • Engage outsourced IT support to set up PWYP systems, security, IP address
  • Ensure office space has cabling requirements for internet, phones
  • Purchase supplementary equipment

Project Management

  • Outline a project plan with key dates and milestones
  • Participate in monthly update meetings with the consultant and PWYP’s International Director in order to provide detailed updates on the transition process according to this project plan
  • Write a monthly progress report
  • Organise video/phone meetings with the transition committee, consultant and International Director as necessary to review progress 

The Project Manager will also be expected to work closely with the HR, Finance & Administration and IT teams within OSF. Should OSF engage someone to manage the transition from OSF’s perspective, then it is expected that the PWYP Project Manager work closely with this person as well. 


  • Project Management qualification (e.g. PRINCE 2) and demonstrable experience of managing complex projects, particularly transition-based projects
  • Significant knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, in particular experience of working with donors and grant management
  • Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to work collaboratively with different stakeholders
  • Excellent time-management and problem-management skills and the ability to work effectively under pressure 

Start date: ASAP

Duration: January to August 2015

Remuneration: £300/day for a maximum of 100 days during the time period mentioned above. Payment will be made in installments for meeting specific deliverables according to an agreed timeline. 


Please email a cover letter and CV by 11th January 2015 to Include in subject line your name, surname and reference TRANSITION.

To download the full application pack please click here