Publish What You Pay campaigns for a world where all citizens benefit from their natural resources, today and tomorrow.

We believe that increasing transparency in the extractive sector will enable citizens to hold governments and companies to account for the ways in which natural resources are managed.

In 2002, Publish What You Pay was launched as a specific campaign, calling for extractive companies to publish what they paid to governments.

After a decade of activism we saw our coalitions and members expand their work along the value chain as the importance of other extractives transparency issues emerged. It became clear that it is impossible to ensure the proper management of natural resource wealth by looking exclusively at revenues. To reflect this change, PWYP has widened its objectives to cover transparency and accountability at all points in the value chain. Broadly speaking, these can be divided around three pillars:

Publish Why You Pay and How You Extract

PWYP campaigns for transparency and accountability in the extractive process preceding payments, so that the decision to extract (whether to extract, but also with whom and under what conditions) is made in a transparent and accountable manner, to the benefit of all citizens rather than to the entrenched interests of the few. We also seek to monitor the terms established, to ensure companies are keeping their commitments.

Publish What You Pay

We strive towards revenue transparency in the extractive sector: for companies to publish what they pay and governments to publish what they receive.

Publish What You Earn and How You Spend

We campaign for natural resource revenues - from company to state to expenditure - to be transparent and tracked, so that citizens can hold their governments to account for how these are spent.

This new strategic framework, “the chain for change”, was adopted by members as PWYP celebrated its ten year anniversary. This widened scope reflected the reality of what was already happening among PWYP’s members.

Naturally, no national coalition or member work on every single step of this chain. Rather, different members and coalitions work on various aspects of the chain according to their local contexts and opportunities. Some aspects of the value chain – such as that on budget monitoring – require partnerships with other coalitions.

PWYP has a fourth strategic pillar, which covers our own transparency and accountability rather than our objectives for the extractive sector. As such it is covered in our funding and governance pages.