Publish What You Earn and How You Spend

PWYP sees transparency as a means to demand accountability from both companies and governments. This pillar is key to translating transparency into accountability and ensuring that the revenues generated by natural resources are used to benefit all citizens. PWYP coalitions and members can campaign and monitor to ensure that natural resource revenues reach the state, get involved in how these should be spent and ensure that this was successfully carried out. There will be a strong focus on project-level payments especially for communities living close to extractive sites.

a. Campaign for an EITI that is embedded in broader budget and accountability processes.

b. Advocate linking EITI data and reports to broader budget monitoring processes in country at national and subnational levels.

c. Work on budget prioritisation allocation and monitoring at national and subnational levels (particularly near EI sites), to ensure that budgetary resources are managed and spent efficiently and in the public interest.

d. Focus on whether revenue allocations from central to subnational government bodies reach their intended destination and are spent at subnational level efficiently and in the public interest.

e. Make governments more accountable for matching spending to rights-based development priorities, including Poverty Reduction Strategy Plans, and outcomes that balance the needs of the majority population and those
of local communities.

f. Encourage, promote and support the involvement of civil society in budget setting and monitoring at subnational level in resource-rich sites.