Our activist:

Aminata Barry Touré

I’m driven to work on the issue of extractive industries because I come from a country which is poor and indebted. Citizens in Mali live in difficult circumstances and do not benefit from the mineral riches where they live and where their ancestors lived many years ago.

Mali is very rich in minerals but we don’t see their impact on communities. What motivates me is to continue to fight so that each Mali family can freely enjoy their human rights, the right to food, to health, to education and to a clean environment.

We started working on this issue in 2002. The community living in Soyola (a gold mining region) came to tell us about their situation. The community is very poor, ill, they had no water and the environment was polluted. When we heard their story we asked ourselves, why not take part in this fight? This fight which will bring about a change in local and national governance.

So today I take part in activism at the local level and advocacy at the national level – I work with ministers, the National Assembly, and development organisations so that everyone can play their part in ensuring the sharing of natural resources, so that communities : women, children, youth, all can have their For me transparency isn’t just a job or a value, it is a way a of life.