Our activist:

Martin Willaume

As Europeans, we have a great responsibility as to the proper use of revenues from extractive industries because many companies are from our countries.

It was during a trip to Guatemala I was first confronted with the impact of mining on human rights. I had the opportunity to meet different Latin American activists who were regularly threatened, especially by their respective States, because they were demanding more accountability from businesses.

Since October 2014, I am the coordinator of Publish What You Pay in France and responsible for advocacy on these issues at Oxfam France. My role is firstly to make the link between the various PWYP members and, secondly, to monitor that European Directives on Transparency and Accounting are properly implemented.

Several major mining companies have their headquarters in France, it is therefore vital that we set a good example in promoting transparency by publishing payments made by our companies abroad and by obtaining even more information on their activities. France joining the EITI, an initiative that we’ve supported for several years, will also be an opportunity to take a step towards greater transparency and good management of the revenue from the extractives.

Another important aspect of my job is to set up partnerships with French-speaking African countries where French oil and mining companies are present. By collaborating with local organisations that are members of Publish What You Pay, we strive to push governments and companies towards more transparency, as we did recently in Niger with ROTAB asking for fairer conditions for Areva’s mining contracts in the country.