Africa Steering Committee

The Africa Steering Committee was originally endorsed and nominated on 27 May 2011, at the PWYP Africa Regional meeting in Kinshasa. It is an important development to ensure effectiveness and African ownership of the campaign at regional and global level.



The Steering committee is composed of representatives from African sub-regions: Eastern and Southern Africa; Central Africa; Anglophone West Africa and Francophone West Africa respectively. Added to this number are the African civil society representatives on the EITI Board and PWYP’s Programme Manager and International Director. Members’ terms are of three years.


The Steering Committee is in regular communication and convened at least twice a year, decision making is made by consensus.

Main priorities for current Africa Steering Committee

The first Africa Steering Committee of PWYP has a specific mandate to be accomplished by the next Africa Regional Meeting. The main points of this include:


The regional ASC representatives were selected on 13 July 2017 at the PWYP Africa Conference with a mandate until 2020.

Anglophone West Africa: Erisa Danladi, PWYP Nigeria
Central Africa: Dupleix Kuenzob, PWYP Cameroon
East and Southern Africa: Mutuso Dhliwayo, PWYP Zimbabwe
Francophone West Africa: Tiemoko Sangare, PWYP Mali
EITI International Board representative: Brice Mackosso
EITI International Board representative: Moses Kulaba
EITI International Board representative: Faith Nwadishi