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2016 was a critical year for PWYP members to advance transparency and accountability in the extractive sector. The so-called “data revolution”, which is increasingly bringing financial information from extractive companies into the public domain, is enabling unprecedented scrutiny on revenues generated by oil, gas and mining operations. Our signature Data Extractors project trained members from across the world to access, analyse and use the revenue data being made available as a result of legislation passed in the EU, Norway and Canada. PWYP members are now increasingly using that information to uncover the stories hidden behind the data and to answer important questions about the economic and social impact of extraction on local communities.

In close collaboration with our partners and members, PWYP helped secure important improvements to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Standard, including the requirement to disclose, by 2020, beneficial owners of extractive companies (those who enjoy the benefits of ownership even though title is in another name). PWYP also coordinated the self-selection process for the EITI’s civil society constituency, leading to the appointment of 10 new representatives on the international EITI board in February. 2016 also saw a major milestone regarding mandatory disclosure, with the adoption of a rule to implement section 1504 of the Dodd Frank Act requiring US listed extractive companies to disclose payments to governments from 2019.

PWYP members are now using data to answer important questions about the economic and social impact of extraction on local communities.

We also welcomed two new coalitions, Tanzania and South Africa, bringing our number of coalitions worldwide to 42. We nurtured old and new strategic relationships, including with the Open Government Partnership and its Natural Resources Working Group, and with CIVICUS – the World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Together with CIVICUS, we published a report documenting the increasing threats to activists for natural resource justice around the world. PWYP also had a notable presence at the London Anti-Corruption Summit in May, where transparency in commodities trading was a central demand. PWYP members – particularly in the UK, Switzerland, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Nigeria – will be working together to hold governments to account for their summit commitments. PWYP’s Global Council has instituted three new working groups to provide targeted guidance to the Secretariat and to PWYP members on the increasingly concerning issue of the closing space for civil society participation, as well as monitoring and addressing governance questions within the PWYP network and planning for PWYP’s new long-term strategy.

Importantly, 2016 also involved the continuation of PWYP’s institutional transition process, which started in 2015 when we formally separated from the Open Society Foundation to become a standalone entity. Our efforts in 2016 have focused on strengthening our governance, management, planning and monitoring systems, in order to enhance accountability and support to our members.

In February, we welcomed our incoming Executive Director, Elisa Peter, along with new members to the Global Council (PWYP’s strategic advisory body). A new Director of Finance and Operations joined the team in September, and a regional coordinator was recruited to support our coalitions in Eurasia. After an extensive human resources review, the board approved a new management structure for the PWYP team, which is being implemented as this is being written. A planning process was also instituted to operationalise the three-year PWYP business plan.

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The work of the PWYP Secretariat and national coalitions would not be possible without the support of our donors.

In 2016 we were pleased to welcome a new donor, Community of Democracies, which is supporting PWYP’s work on expanding civic space in the Eurasia region. As well as new supporters, we have been privileged to continue working with core supporters who have helped PWYP to advance the transparency and accountability agenda for a number of years, including Danida, Omidyar Network, Open Society Foundations and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

We have also received support from the following donors to carry specific projects: Community of Democracies, Cordaid, Danida, Ford Foundation, IBIS Harare, IBIS Oxfam Denmark, Omidyar Network, Open Society Initiative for West Africa, Oxfam, and Propuesta Ciudadana.