EITI International Board members (2013-2015)

The Civil Society representatives for the EITI International Board 2013-2015 were chosen by a nominations committee in May 2013.  You can view the nominations committee report here.

The civil society representatives are listed below. For their full information and bios please visit the EITI website:

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Mandatory Disclosures



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Mandatory Disclosure Rules in the EU

Here is a Q+A on the EU country-by-country and project-by-project reporting rules which were signed into law by the EU in June 2013 and in November 2013. These rules were introduced as amendments to the transparency and accounting directives.

The Q & A covers some broad themes related to the rules.

World Map - Who has published contracts?

This map shows which governments have published extractive contracts and provides links to them. Countries with a dark blue marker have published most or all their extractive contracts online. Countries with a light blue marker have only published a few contracts, or have legislated to publish contracts but have not yet done so.

Have we missed any countries out? Included any countries you don't feel should be in the map? Let us know! You can comment below the map or email [email protected]

Contract Transparency

What is PWYP’s ask?

PWYP calls for greater public scrutiny of the deals that are signed between governments and extractive industry companies. The contracting process itself should be fully open, from tendering to award. The content of the contract, lease or concession agreement should be accessible to the citizenry. PWYP pushes for the adoption of open competitive bidding rounds as a best practice and a preferable option to the closed-door negotiated deal types that some countries use.

Why does PWYP focus on contracts?

The Future of EITI

EITI Strategy Working Group and the future of the EITI global standard

At its meeting in Amsterdam on 9th June 2011, the EITI international board set up a new Strategy Working Group (SWG) to facilitate discussion on the future strategic direction of the EITI in the next 3-5 years. This was an important moment in the history of the EITI because it presents an opportunity to begin discussion over potentially widening the scope of the initiative beyond its current focus on revenue flows.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

What is the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative?

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprised of governments, companies, civil society groups, investors and international organizations. It is a voluntary initiative that is implemented by countries whose governments sign-up to do so.

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