Chad’s predominant natural resource is petrol, with sales of oil accounting for around 80% of the government’s revenue. Other resources include petroleum, kaolin, gold, bauxite, tin and tungsten. Deposits of uranium are also currently being explored.

Sources: EITI, US Department of State
EITI Status: candidate country
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Nassingar Rimtébaye Rim
Chargé de communication PWYP-Tchad.
Coordonnateur de la CPPN
BP:4082 N’Djaména-Tchad
Tél:+235 251 84 26
CEL:+235 626 46 69
Email: [email protected]
Language spoken by contact: French

Recent activities

Coming up PWYP Chad is organising a workshop to raise awareness among legislators of the EU transparency and accounting directive and of Dodd-Frank 1504.

17-20 September 2012 - PWYP Chad attended the ten year anniversary of PWYP, where PWYP’s new strategy, Vision 20/20, was officially adopted.

5-8 March 2012 - PWYP Chad hosts the Africa Steering Committee’s second meeting

18 January 2022 - PWYP member GRAMPTC (the Chad/Cameroon Alternative Research and Petrol Project Monitoring Group), acting on behalf of 22,500 farmers from 25 villages in the Doba region of Chad, filed a complaint with the World Bank for human and environmental rights abuses caused by the pipeline project.

The project has deprived farmers of their livelihood, as the pipeline has used up vast swathes of land and its pollution adversely affected agriculture and cattle. The freedom of movement for the community members has been hindered, with the protection of the pipeline creating a de facto curfew from 18:00 to 6 a.m. Villagers have also reported instances of torture, arbitrary arrests and destruction of their property.

After the complaint was lodged, the Office of the Compliance Advisory Ombudsman announced it will carry out an official mission to the area at the end of February.

Coalition members

Cadre de concertation et de Développement du Logone Orientale
Cellule de Liaison et d’Information des Associations féminines
Collectif des Associations de Droit de l’Homme
Comité de Réseau des Organisations de la Société Civile en Appui à la Population du Mayo Kebby
Commission Nationale Justice et Paix
Commission Permanente Pétrole N’Djaména
Commission Permanente Pétrole Locale
Groupe de Recherches et Alternatives et de Monitoring du Project Petrole Tchad-Cameroun
Maison de la presse du Tchad
Réseau de Suivi des Activités Pétrolières au Moyen Chari
Union des Journalistes du Tchad