Nigeria is Africa’s top oil producing country and ranks 8th globally. It produces a quarter of all African crude oil and in 2006, oil and natural gas made up 37% of the GDP and over 95% of exports. Its other natural resources include tin, columbite, iron ore, coal, limestone, lead and zinc. Although gas production is less economically significant than oil production, Nigeria’s reserves are among the top ten in the world. Nigeria has considerable mineral deposits, but the solid mineral sector in Nigeria is currently underdeveloped. Nigeria became a member of OPEC in 1971.

Sources: EITI, RWI, US State Gov

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Recent activities

8 July 2022 - Following PWYP Nigeria’s letters to the EU delegation, Italian and Dutch embassies in Nigeria, the EU agrees to investigate the controversial Malabu Oil case.

5 July 2022 - PWYP Nigeria wrote this letter to the Dutch Prime Minister calling on the Dutch government to investigate the Shell, ENI Malabu Oil case.

5 July 2022 - PWYP Nigeria wrote this letter to the Italian Prime Minister, calling on the Italian government to investigate the Shell, ENI Malabu Oil case.

May 2013 - PWYP’s National Coordinator Faith Nwadishi is elected as civil society representative on the EITI International Board. In this capacity she will also serve on the PWYP Africa Steering Committee.

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