The 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference

10/11/10 - 13/11/10

The theme of the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is “Restoring trust: Global action for transparency”.

Trust in the institutions responsible for a fair and sustainable future has been eroded. In the aftermath of the financial crisis insecurity has flourished and the challenges threatening the livelihood of populations across the world have increased, creating an environment even more ripe for corruption. Many of the right promises have been made – the task at hand is to ensure that commitments are honoured.

To restore peoples’ trust and rebuild the credibility of institutions, governments must move beyond expressions of political will to concrete action; the private sector must put a check on bribery and fulfil their obligations as corporate citizens; and civil society must demand accountability.

Above all, there is an urgent need for all actors to work together towards a transparent and accountable global governance agenda. Therefore, during the four days of the Conference, global experts from all sectors and regions of the world will engage in frank and solution-oriented debates to address the global challenges and a wide range of cross-cutting issues. More than 40 workshop and plenary sessions will be structured around the four global challenges:

* Restoring Trust for Peace and Security
* Fuelling Transparency and Accountability in the Natural Resources and Energy Markets
* Climate Governance: Ensuring a Collective Commitment
* Strengthening Global Action for an Accountable Corporate World

The 14th IACC will be jointly hosted by TI, Transparency Thailand the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of Thailand, in Bankok.

Activist Briefing: The New US Oil and Mining Financial Transparency Law – A Powerful Tool for Anti-Corruption Activists

Friday 12th November 12:00 - 13:30

Join members of the Publish What You Pay coalition and anti-corruption and transparency campaigners from resource-rich countries around the world for a discussion on the ramifications of the recent landmark US legislation requiring mandatory disclosure of payments to host governments by oil and mining companies. Explore ways to get involved in replicating this legislation in other countries and to use information disclosed to hold governments accountable for spending of natural resource wealth. Explore opportunities for greater involvement of Transparency International chapters in the work of the global Publish What You Pay network.

Workshop: Taking the Fight to the Ground: addressing poverty, corruption and accountability in resource-rich countries at the sub-national level

Friday 12th November 17:30 - 19:30

This workshop will examine these issues through the presentation of concrete and well-researched experiences in four countries: Peru, Ghana, Nigeria and Cambodia. Panelists from these countries will present tools and strategies that have been used to increase transparency and reduce corruption related to the management of EI revenues at the SNG level, including application of EITI at the SNG level. The workshop will invite participants to share their own country experiences and propose actions that could be supported by international donors, international NGOs, companies, local citizens groups and national and sub-national governments to address – and get in front of – the issues raised.

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Workshop: Picking the lock: Aid transparency, budget transparency and the MDGs

Friday 12th November 09:00 - 11:00

This workshop explores two key questions:
• Why aid and budget transparency matter, and how they relate to each other
• Ways to improve the accessibility and availability of information though a) technology, communication platforms and data visualisation; b) citizen participation; and c) monitoring.

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