Spotlight on the EITI: Improving civil society participation (12/02/15)

Spotlight on the EITI: Improving civil society participation through better multi-stakeholder governance

A rightly lauded cornerstone of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has been its tripartite nature, as companies, governments and civil society work together towards its implementation. Indeed, EITI has in many countries created a valuable space for civil society to contribute to the management of natural resources. One of the key mechanisms through which this tripartite nature – and civil society’s involvement – is exercised is through the national level multistakeholder groups, responsible for the EITI implementation at national level. But do these MSGs operate in a way that allows for genuine participation from each stakeholder? Are they credible, transparent, collaborative and effective? A study requested by PWYP but independently carried out by the Institute for Multi Stakeholder Initiative Integrity revealed some disconcerting trends – their assessment concludes that there are significant failures of internal governance in many MSGs. Such internal governance failures have in cases resulted in paralysis of MSGs, a less effective and genuine participation of civil society and could harm the credibility of the initiative itself.

In this four-pager we highlight the key findings of the MSI Integrity report and outline our recommendations for improving governance in EITI.