Senegal’s natural resources include phosphate, iron ore, gold, titanium, oil and gas. Senegal is one of the world’s lead producers of phosphate rock and gold mining is in the early stages with the first mine opening in 2009 in Sabodala. Interest in Senegal’s mining potential has been significant as private investments in the sector from 2000 – 2013 were valued at US $ 5 billion.

La Lumière, USGS, US State Department

Recent activities

Members in Senegal are in the final stages of setting up a PWYP coalition in the country. A steering committee to overview this process was launched at a forum on the governance of the country’s natural resources, held on 26-27th October. Representatives from various NGOs and from communities in the mining areas of Matam, Thiès and Kédougou were in attendance.

Contact Person
Ibrahima Sory DIALLO
La Lumière Sénégal
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Coalition members

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