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The UK is an important actor on the extractive industry scene. The London Stock Exchange covers 14% of the world’s extractive capital – over £1 trillion worth of extractive industry revenue. This is almost 60% of the total amount of extractive industry capital on EU markets. The UK is also home to many of the world’s large extractive companies such as BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Rio Tinto and Anglo American.

About the campaign

The PWYP UK coalition has engaged with UK and European Union policy makers, politicians and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the need for mandatory reporting rules for oil, gas and mining companies. The EU reached agreement on its Accounting Directive’s country-by-country and project-by-project extractive industry transparency rules in April 2013. The UK campaign is now focusing on clarifying the implications of the EU rules; on their early and effective implementation in the UK; on how the reported data can be made accessible and usable to improve companies’ and host governments’ accountability to citizens; and, with other PWYP coalitions and the PWYP Secretariat, on the extension of mandatory extractive industry reporting to other capital markets, as well as on increasing the use of tax and other payment data for accountability and advocacy.

Miles Litvinoff
Coordinator - Publish What You Pay UK
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Recent activities

European Parliament votes through Accounting and Transparency Directives

12 June 2022 - The European Parliament voted through the Accounting and Transparency Directives by a huge majority. These oblige all EU listed, and large non-listed, companies to publish what they pay to the governments where they operate. View PWYP International’s statement here.

UK joins EITI

23 May 2022 - The UK stated its intention of becoming an EITI candidate country. View PWYP’s statement here.

EU reaches a deal on EU Accounting Directive

9 April 2022 - A milestone for PWYP UK as the EU reaches a deal on the EU Accounting Directive for country- and project-level reporting for extractive companies. You can find out more by reading PWYP’s press release.

Letter to Secretary of State Justine Greening urges a stronger EITI Standard

21 February 2022 PWYP UK members wrote to International Development Secretary Justine Greening highlighting five points on which the new EITI Standard should be made more effective and relevant.

Letter to Prime Minister urges agreement on EU Directives to support UK G8 Presidency call for more transparency

24 January 2022 PWYP UK members wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron urging prompt agreement on robust EU disclosure rules as a significant step towards progress at the G8 June 2013 summit on greater transparency worldwide on oil, gas and mining revenues.

Letter to Business Minister Swinson urges acceptance of MEPs’ compromise on EU reporting rules

13 December 2021 PWYP UK wrote to BIS Minister Jo Swinson strongly recommending UK Government and EU Council acceptance of modified proposals from the European Parliament regarding project definition, exemptions and enhanced anti-evasion provisions for the new EU Accounting Directive. Read the letter here (PDF).

Publish What You Pay welcomes strong UK Government statement on extractive industry transparency

11 October 2021 Publish What You Pay warmly welcomed the strong stance on the European Union’s company reporting rules announced by UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Business Minister Jo Swinson. The UK Government announcement came after a meeting between the Deputy Prime Minister, the Business Minister and singer activist Bono, founder of the ONE campaign, which is a member of the Publish What You Pay coalition. Read more.

Clarification on role of UK government in securing European extractives transparency legislation

The Publish What You Pay civil society coalition, which includes many of the UK’s leading development NGOs, disagrees with the assertion that UK Business Minister Norman Lamb and the Coalition Government have acted improperly regarding the EU accounting and transparency directives (David Cameron must force extractive companies to be transparent, Guardian Comment Is Free, 26 July). We are in positive dialogue with Mr Lamb and support efforts to achieve effective regulations from the EU negotiations, which the UK Coalition Government has led among EU governments. Although progress has been made, key issues such as project-by-project reporting of payments to governments by oil, gas and mining companies still need to be addressed. Discussions at EU level will resume in earnest in September, and we hope that the UK Government will live up to its promises and work for an effective outcome, including project-level reporting without exemptions.

Love truth, love transparency - Activists gather outside Bis

On 14 February 2022 Publish What You Pay activists from CAFOD, ONE and Tearfund in London gathered outside the Ministry of Business to demonstrate their support for transparency in the extractive sector. Dressed up as miners, activists handed out Valentine themed campaign leaflets (which combined “tips for a healthy relationship” with the importance of transparency in the extractive sector. ) and posed with a giant ‘love truth’ love heart. Read more…

British All-Party Parliamentary Groups host panel on transparency in the extractive industry

On 24 January 2022, the British APPG on International Corporate Responsibility and the APPG on the Great Lakes Region of Africa, with PWYP, hosted a panel on transparency in the extractive industries. Read more about it here.