Funding 2013

In 2013 the International Secretariat of Publish What You Pay consisted of a team of eleven members. Six were based in London and the others in Beirut, Nairobi, N’djamena, Niamey and Kiev, hosted by PWYP members or a local partner. The PWYP International Secretariat does not currently have its own legal entity but is hosted by the Open Society Foundation in London.

The narrative

The PWYP International Secretariat benefits from partnerships with two private foundations: the Open Society Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, who between them contributed 58% of our income. Open Society Foundation in London is also PWYP’s legal host and PWYP’s income and expenditure is therefore audited as part of OSF’s audit in London.

In September 2013 the PWYP International Secretariat signed an agreement for a 15-month partnership with the World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund to strengthen civil society’s capacity to engage in the EITI in Central Africa, for a total of U$500,000. In addition, in December 2013 PWYP International signed a contract for core funding with the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) to strengthen PWYP’s presence in East and Southern Africa.  The contract is for two-years and totals U$420,000.

PWYP Members & Coalitions

Please note that many of our members contribute in-kind through human resources, legal and/or technical expertise, media outreach and engagement, organisation of workshops etc. which are just as crucial to advance our cause. An exercise to ‘monetise’ this is virtually impossible but we would not be where we are today without their support.

This page only refers to the income and expenditures of the International Secretariat. The national coalitions have their own sources of funding which, as part of our new governance structure, are posted on the country pages. For coordination and harmonisation purposes the International Secretariat urges donors to liaise with PWYP before committing to funding coalitions.