Burkina Faso
EITI Compliant

The PWYP coalition in Burkina was relaunched in March 2014 under the name “Mines Alert-PWYP BURKINA”.

The coalition works mainly on the EITI process through disseminating reports but also by raising awareness about environmental issues amongst communities that live alongside gold-mining sites.

PWYP Burkina is committed to using data from EITI reports to ask for more accountability from the government, in particular on the use of revenues from the extractive industries. In addition, the coalition works to secure disclosure of mining contracts. The coalition also engaged with the government and other CSOs to secure the passing of a law through which 1% from mining companies’ monthly revenue and 20% from the government’s revenues collected from mining will be invested in regional development funds that will in majority be directed back to the mining communities and nearby communities.

Key Facts

  • Key resources: gold, manganese, limestone, uranium, phosphate and zinc.
  • In 2012 Burkina Faso became Africa’s fourth largest gold producer.
  • Mining is crucial to Burkina Faso’s economy and now ranks above livestock farming as a leading export.
  • Companies operating in Burkina Faso include Roxgold, SEMAFO and IAMGOLD.
  • US State Gov, World Bank

Key Contacts

  • Name: Jonas Hien
  • Email: yjonashien@gmail.com
  • Telephone:


  • Alliance Technique d’Assistance au Développement (ATAD)
  • Association Agir pour le Développement du Nahouri ADN/Nahouri
  • ATTAC/Burkina
  • Cellule nationale des organisations de la société civile
  • Coalition nationale des Petits exploitants miniers
  • Groupe de Recherche et d’Action sur le Foncier
  • Ligue des Consommateurs du Burkina
  • Mouvement burkinabè pour l’Emergence d’une justice sociale
  • Réseau Africain des Journalistes traitant de l’Information et de la Transparence
  • Réseau Afrique Jeunesse
  • Réseau Femme et Environnement du Burkina Faso
  • Réseau national de Lutte Anti-Corruption
  • Secrétariat permanent des ONG