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Launched in March 2008, the PWYP Canada coalition has grown to include 15 Canadian organisations and continues to be hosted by Partnership Africa Canada. Given the important role that Canadian extractive companies play at home and around the world, PWYP-Canada has focused efforts on obtaining mandatory payment disclosure standards for companies registered and/or publicly traded in Canada.

In June of 2013 the Canadian government committed to put in place mandatory payment reporting standards by April 2015 for oil, gas and mining companies publicly listed, registered and operating in Canada. Since that time, Quebec became the first province to commit to work with the federal government to develop complementary standards through the provincial stock exchange. These commitments followed PWYP-Canada’s work as part of the Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group, which it formed in 2012.

The working group brought together industry and NGOs to negotiate a framework for mandatory payment reporting in Canada. PWYP-Canada is currently focused on ensuring that the Canadian federal government introduces strong mandatory reporting standards, that are aligned with those in other jurisdictions. PWYP-Canada also encourages other provinces to follow Quebec’s lead. In addition to mandatory reporting, PWYP-Canada continues to support the implementation of the EITI in Canada and maintains close contact with Canada’s representative to the EITI board.

While PWYP-Canada’s advocacy focuses on mandatory reporting, PWYP-Canada also recognizes a growing need to build the capacity of CSOs to locate, use and disseminate information about extractive companies, particularly with new legislation/regulation increasing the information extractive companies must divulge. Over the past four years, PWYP-Canada has developed guides, conducted workshops, and created company portfolios to build the capacity of CSOs to access and use publicly available information about Canadian companies.

Key Facts

  • Key resources include petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper and gold.
  • Canada is the world’s second largest uranium producer and has the world’s third largest oil reserves.
  • 75% of the world’s mining companies have headquarters in Canada.
  • Canada is home to some of the world’s most important mining companies including Barrick Gold, Teck Resources, Talisman, IAMGOLD, Goldcorp, Kinross, and First Quantum Minerals.
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