EITI Compliant


The Iraqi Transparency Alliance for Extractive Industries (ITAEI), established in June 2011, includes representatives of civil society organisations, unions, professional syndicates, media establishments and independent professionals. Currently, it is the biggest PWYP affiliated coalition including 83 members.

Currently, the coalition is campaigning for a better management and use of corporate social responsibility funds in extractive regions. As well as supporting an effective implementation of EITI on a general level, the coalition is working with its members from Kurdistan to push the KRG to fully participate in the initiative.

Key Facts

  • Key natural resources: oil and natural gas (also some phosphates and sulphur).
  • In 2012 the oil sector provides more than 90% of government revenue and 80% of foreign exchange earnings.
  • Iraq is the third largest exporter of oil and is projected to earn $5 trillion in revenues from oil export by 2035.
  • Companies operating in Iraq include CNPC, Exxon, Shell and Total.
  • BBC, CIA World Factbook and EITI

Key Contacts

  • Name: Ali Neema
  • Email:
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  • 2020 Assembly
  • Academics Institute for Sustainability and Transparency
  • Akad Cultural Institute
  • Al Ahraar Organisation for Human Rights
  • Al Amal Iraqi Association
  • Al basra Provincial Council
  • Al Diyaa Center for Development
  • Al Hadeeya Organisation for Human Rights