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Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) joined Publish What You Pay (PWYP) in October 2015 as PWYP’s first Lebanese organisation. Joining PWYP is a big step for LOGI, and Lebanon’s civil society in general. The PWYP network will facilitate LOGI’s access to global organizations that have the expertise, experience, and resources to instill transparency in managing petroleum resources. LOGI is an independent non-governmental organisation based in Beirut that promotes the transparent and sound management of Lebanon’s oil and gas resources.

Delays in Lebanon’s quest to explore for oil and gas resources has cast doubt by the public and has fostered a narrative that the Lebanese government will not transparently manage this public asset. The decision-making process for this sector is opaque and political influence in the nascent sector is already ubiquitous. Likewise, access to government information in Lebanon is arbitrary and there is limited legal recourse supporting transparency and accountability in any sector at any level in the country.

Key Facts

  • Lebanon is developing its petroleum and gas sector
  • The leading mineral commodity in Lebanon is limestone, used for cement
  • Other resources include aluminum sulfate, lphosphate fertilizer, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and sal
  • LOGI, PWYP, EITI, CIA, The Economist

Key Contacts

  • Name: Georges Sassine, Co-Founder, President Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI)
  • Email: georges.sassine@logi-lebanon.org
  • Telephone: