EITI Compliant

The PWYP-Mauritania coalition was launched in April 2006 and consists of a steering committee and technical team. It focuses on four specific points: implementing the EITI in Mauritania; influencing national legislation; promoting social responsibility through transparency in the use of revenues; and campaigning for contract transparency. Some of its major achievements include forming themed groups on advocacy techniques and allocating revenues back to communities located in mining areas.

Three main activity areas have emerged over the past few years, capacity building, raising awareness amongst elected representatives, and dialogue with the administrative authorities.

PWYP-Mauritania is working on the rights of communities that live alongside the mining industry, protecting workers’ rights, monitoring environmental impacts and including the fishing sector in the scope of the EITI.

Key Facts

  • Key resources: iron, gold, copper and petrol.
  • Iron is the country’s main export, though gold and copper mining is increasing.
  • Offshore gas production is expected to start in 2015.
  • Companies operating in Mauritania include Kinross, First Quantum Minerals and Tullow Oil.
  • African Economic Outlook, World Bank

Key Contacts

  • Name: Ba Aliou Coulibaly
  • Email:
  • Telephone:


  • Coalition Mauritanienne PCQVP
  • GERDDES Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches sur la Démocratie et le Développement Economique et Social
  • CLTM Confédération libre des travailleurs de Mauritanie
  • SOS / Esclaves
  • EPI Editeurs de la presse indépendante
  • CSVVDH Comité de solidarité pour les victimes des violations des droits humains
  • ANPI Association nationale de la presse indépendante
  • USLM Union des syndicats libres de Mauritanie
  • UTM Union des travailleurs de Mauritanie
  • LMDH Ligue mauritanienne des droits de l’homme
  • Cyber forum
  • FONADH Forum national des organisations des droits humains
  • Mer Propre
  • Mauritanie 2000
  • AMAD Association mauritanienne pour l’auto développement
  • Mer Bleue
  • FNDHFE Forum national pour la défense des droits de la femme
  • Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille
  • UNTM Union nationale des travailleurs de Mauritanie
  • UGTM Union générale des travailleurs de mauritanie
  • Ordre des Avocats
  • CGTM Confédération générale des travailleurs de Mauritanie
  • AMDH Association mauritanienne des droits de l’homme