EITI Compliant

PWYP Mozambique is part of the Mozambican CSO platform for natural resources and extractive industry. The platform is composed of 34 membership organisations, hosted by a local CSO elected for two years and coordinated by a steering committee composed of ten CSOs.

The coalition is in the process of preparing its strategic and communications plan for the next five years to define its strategic direction in term of collective action and campaigns. The platform will hold in next April a general assembly to discuss and approve the strategic plan and elect a new host organisation for the next two years. Meanwhile, the PWYP working group within the platform is to hold discussions with the Southern and Eastern Africa PWYP Coordinator to discuss the PWYP vision 2020 and its alignment with the platform’s strategic plan, as well as to mainstream, harmonise and align the PWYP coalition vision to the CSO platform on natural resources and extractive, while widening and strengthening the PWYP coalition at national and international levels.

Key Facts

  • Natural resources include coal, natural gas, titanium ore, tantalite, graphite, aluminium, iron ore and semi-precious stones
  • In 2012, Aluminium made up almost 40 % of Mozambique’s exports
  • Mozambique is the third-largest proved natural gas reserve holder in Africa
  • Companies operating here include Anadarko, BP and ENI
  • CIA World Factbook, Observatory of Economic Complexity, International Energy Agency

Key Contacts

  • Name: Camilo Nhancale
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