Sierra Leone
EITI Compliant

NACE, the National Advocacy Coalition on Extractive Industries, was launched in 2001 and later joined as an affiliate PWYP coalition. It continues to play an important role in the effective implementation of the EITI in Sierra Leone and now focuses on transposing the initiative into law. NACE is also aims at making mining and oil contracts accessible to the public.

In continuation of its work in previous years, NACE has been working with mining communities to enhance their participation in community development plans and to reduce the negative impact of mining on their lives.

Key Facts

  • Key resources: oil, diamonds, gold, bauxite, rutile and iron ore.
  • Mining has grown from 3.7% GDP in 2008 to 11.6% in 2013.
  • Growth in Sierra Leone is project at 13.8% for 2014, due in part to increased iron ore production.
  • Companies operating in Sierra Leone include Anadarko, Cluff Gold and Lukoil.
  • African Economic Outlook, EITI, US State Gov

Key Contacts

  • Name: Cecilia Mattia
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +232 076 663 343


  • Green Scenery
  • Network Movement for Justice and Development
  • Campaign for Good Governance
  • Initiative for Community Development
  • Campaign for Cruelty against Animals
  • United Mines Workers Union
  • Christian Aid
  • Action Aid
  • Search for Talking Drum/Talking Drum Studio
  • Anti Corruption Commission
  • Concern for Public Accountability and Transparency (COPAT)
  • Centre for Democracy and Human Rights
  • Fourah Bay College
  • Society for Democratic Initiatives
  • Country Vision
  • Young Women Christian Association
  • Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources