No EITI Status

The Tunisian Coalition for Transparency in Energy and Mines is a PWYP affiliated coalition which launched officially in March 2015.

It includes 16 civil society organisations united in their goal of a transparent extractive sector - one of their key goals is for the Tunisian government to adopt the EITI. Their aim is to achieve sustainable development through proper use of their natural resources.

Their work has also focused on pushing the government to transpose the articles of the newly adopted Tunisian constitution (related to the good governance of natural resources) into laws that guarantee more transparency and accountability within the extractive sector.

Key Facts

  • Natural resources include petroleum, phosphates, iron ore, lead and zinc.
  • Tunisia is the world’s fifth largest producer of phosphate.
  • Tunisia is a small hydrocarbon producer, with production steadily declining since the mid 1980s.
  • CIA World Factbook, Deutsche Welle, US Energy Administration Information

Key Contacts

  • Name: Mohammad Ghazi Bin Jmee
  • Email: mgbjemia@gmail.com
  • Telephone: +216 261 88086


  • Ahmed Tlili Foundation for Democratic Culture - Gafsa
  • Alliance Tunisienne pour l’Intégrité et la Transparence (ATIT) - Tunis
  • Association Bassin Minier pour l’Investissement et le Développement - Gafsa
  • Association Développement Sans Frontières - Tataouine
  • Association Tunisienne de Droit du Développement (ATDD) - Tunis
  • Association Tunisienne de l’Environnement et de la Nature - Gabes
  • Association Tunisienne de la Transparence dans l’Energie et les Mines (ATTEM) - Tunis
  • Association Tunisienne des Contrôleurs Publiques - Tunis
  • Centre de la Citoyenneté et de la Démocratie - Tunis
  • Environnement et développement pour promouvoir le bassin minier de Redeyef (AEDBM) - Gafsa
  • Kolna Tounes - Tataouine
  • Lam Echaml - Tunis
  • Promotion Civique (APC) - Tunis