EITI Compliant

PWYP Zambia was established in 2009 and has played an important role in supporting the implementation of EITI. As well as participating in the EITI multi-stakeholder group, the coalition analyses the EITI reports and has been involved in the drafting of Zambia’s EITI bill. The coalition supports communities affected by mining, helping them to get the best deal possible out of extraction

Key Facts

  • Key resources: copper, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal, emeralds, gold, silver and uranium.
  • Mining output is projected to increase to 1.5 million tonnes as new copper mining operations start up in North-Western province in the coming years.
  • In 2011, extractive revenues made up 37% of total government revenue.
  • Companies operating here include BHP Billiton, First Quantum Minerals and Glencore.
  • African Economic Outlook, CIA World Factbook, EITI

Key Contacts

  • Name: Mtwalo Msoni
  • Email:
  • Telephone:


  • Advocacy on Human Development
  • Anti-Poverty and Ignorance Movement
  • Caritas Zambia
  • Center for Environmental Justice
  • Copperbelt Trade and Development Forum
  • Council of Churches in Zambia
  • Democracy Governance Human Rights
  • Development Education Community Project
  • Economics Association of Zambia
  • Jesuit Center for Theological Reflections
  • Mine Workers Union of Zambia
  • Misa Zambia
  • National Association of Teachers Against Corruption
  • Northwestern Agenda for Development