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Using project level data - PWYP Indonesia Workshop

You can read this report in PDF 

How has extractive project-level data been used at the subnational level? 

Publish What You Pay Indonesia has led a project to increase the capacity of local CSOs to use project-level EITI data for identifying governance issues on the revenue chain, as well as for raising public awareness on the importance of extractive industries transparency.

UK government announcement on oil, gas and mining payments

Publish What You Pay coalition welcomes UK leadership on extractive industry transparency and accountability
Welcoming the UK government announcement yesterday Thursday 21 August that it would require oil, gas and mining companies to publicly report their

The Philippines - training local government in natural resource management

July 24, 2014, Manila, Philippines - Bantay Kita (BK) and Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) join forces to conduct a training on environmental regulations for local government units (LGUs). This is in line with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a global standard for transparency and accountability on the management of revenues from natural resources.

Open Letter to President Obama from African Civil Society

Dear Mr. President,

We, the African civil society leaders of Publish What You Pay - a global coalition campaigning for an open and accountable gas, oil and mining sector - are addressing you on the eve of the US - Africa Leaders’ Summit.

Bantay Kita calls for full participation from Philippine mining firms in EITI

July 23, 2014, Manila, Philippines - To achieve greater transparency and accountability in the mining industry, Bantay Kita (BK) is calling for full participation by all large scale mining, oil, gas and coal mining in the Philippine Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (PH-EITI).

Niger activists arrested over Areva protest before François Hollande visit

Transparency campaigners in Niger have been arrested shortly before the French president's visit to Niamey.

PWYP and OSIWA call for the immediate release of arrested activists in Niger

Update - All arrested activists were freed on Friday evening, but they will be summoned by a judge this week. We remain vigilant.