PWYP has been campaigning since its inception for mandatory revenue disclosures alongside the voluntary EITI. Thanks in part to PWYP’s collective campaigning success, there are now regulations in the EU, Norway and Canada, as well as laws underway in a number of countries that oblige listed and registered companies to publish their payments to governments for every country and for every project. To build on these recent great successes, Omidyar Network is supporting PWYP to use the vast amounts of data obtained through mandatory disclosures in a meaningful way.

In 2016, country after country in the EU will be releasing extractive country and project data and we will have an avalanche of information. This is useful information, information that we have been asking for years. But it is also a lot of data and often complex information. For citizens and CSOs to truly benefit from the data wave that’s about to hit us, we need to know where to look for what in these vast amounts of data. We need to become data experts.

To this end we are initiating an exciting one-year Data Extractors programme for our coalitions in both home and host countries of extractive companies that are subject to mandatory disclosures. The coalitions involved will work on using the data meaningfully..

Over the course of a year the PWYP Data Extractors from France, Indonesia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Niger, UK, US, Zambia and Zimbabwe will be working with each other to use the data through peer learning, twinning approaches, mentoring, workshops, case studies and a small local advocacy project that will benefit the national PWYP coalitions.