Data Extractors programme

The PWYP Data Extractors Programme is a global initiative which trains participants to uncover and make sense of extractives data. It creates a network of activists who can in turn share their knowledge with local communities. Our goal is to enable citizens all over the world to help ensure natural resources are managed for the benefit of society as a whole. The PWYP Data Extractors programme does this by:

  • Training - Data Extractors learn how to find data, analyse it and use it to ask questions of both governments and companies. The programme merges technical skills with activism through hands-on workshops, skills sharing and online learning opportunities.
  • Connecting - The programme connects PWYP members from all over the world, facilitating collaboration, mentoring, peer learning and offers an exciting opportunity to create unique projects which are relevant to local concerns.
  • Uncovering - Data Extractors expose discrepancies in company and government reports and payments to expose corrupt practices the resource curse.
  • Communicating - Data Extractors can engage in decision-making processes that affect them using evidence based data.
  • This programme is carried out in close collaboration with OpenOil, who contribute their important skills and expertise.

    Find out more about the PWYP Data Extractors and their work by clicking here.