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Denmark has 3 extractive companies - P/f Atlantic Petroleum, ATLA DC Equity, Nordic Tankers A/s - listed on its Copenhagen Stock Exchange, with a total market cap of €91,791,000. They will be covered by any EU level legislation.  

Sources: Revenue Watch Institute

Recent activities

12 June 2022 – The European Parliament voted through the Accounting and Transparency Directives by a huge majority. These oblige all EU listed, and large non-listed, companies to publish what they pay to the governments where they operate. You can read PWYP’s press release here.

9 April 2022 – A milestone for PWYP as the EU reaches a deal on the EU Accounting Directive for country- and project-level reporting for extractive companies. You can find out more by reading PWYP’s press release.

In the first half of 2012 Denmark held the EU Presidency and made the passing of the EU extractive transparency rules (contained as amendments within the Transparency and Accounting Directives) a key part of their presidency.

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