News: Interactive website brings oil and gas to life in Lebanon

Source: Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI)

The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) launched a beta version of its website that can be accessed at

The LOGI team have developed a unique platform to build a network of oil and gas experts and tap into their knowledge to raise awareness on the country’s petroleum sector and advocate for transparency. According to Georges Sassine, co-founder of LOGI, “the objective is to take complex, and sometimes ‘boring’ topics and present them in a simple, fun and accessible way to all Lebanese citizens.”

LOGI’s online platform includes several infographics that answer questions starting with the basics such as “does Lebanon have oil and gas?” and “when will the country benefit from developing these resources?

Jeremy Arbid, another LOGI co-founder, speaks of unique interactive animations that have visitors discover how Lebanon has been dealing with its oil and gas resources through time, starting, believe it or not, in the 1930s.

The website offers many different communication mediums including videos, a searchable database of the biggest collection of oil and gas publications, and it also links to an app called LOG&Learn that provides citizens with answers to their questions and assesses the veracity and accuracy of politicians’ statements on the industry.

“What is inspiring about LOGI’s website is that it was supported by 118 crowd funders from 20 countries, and the content was developed by more than 35 volunteers, university students and professionals in both English and Arabic,” said Karen Ayat, LOGI’s co-founder.

This is just the start of LOGI scaling up its efforts to raise awareness and influence the development of Lebanon’s oil and gas industry. Many more initiatives are planned for the near future. The goal is to engage and empower a large segment of the population in a fun and creative way to create significant change.

The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), is an independent NGO that promotes the transparent and sound management of Lebanon’s oil and gas resources. LOGI is a member of the Publish What You Pay Network (PWYP). You can learn more at: