News: Sign up for 3-day Conference in Oslo on ‘Making Transparency Possible’

Source: PWYP Norway

A view onto houses and Oslo's harbour at night
Oslo-24 by Alessandro Grussu


A 3-day conference with 35 speakers from 19 countries.

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12th December: How to expose a rich thief? Meet investigative journalists from all over the world who will share their challenges and advices.

See program 12th December

13th December: Making Transparency Possible: How to disclose multinational companies’ secrecy, corruption and tax avoidance? Meet academics, investigative journalists, whistleblower, lawyers, trade union leaders who will share their stories and insights.

See program 13th December

14th December: Making Transparency Possible: What tools can nation states use when faced with systemic avoidances? Meet prosecutors, academics, private sector, development institutions, editors and investigative journalists who will share their stories and insights.

See program 14th December

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Organised by PWYP Norway together with organising Committee: Prof. of Economics, Kalle Moene, Prof. of Development Studies Benedicte Bull, Prof. of Law and Economics Tina Søreide, Prof. of Journalism Roy Krøvel.

Hosted by: SKUP, RORG, Fagforbundet, HiOA, UiO ESOP, PWYP Norway

Financed by: Norad