Arrest of the Angolan civil society activist Agostinho Chicaia

Source: OSI
Date: 23 Jun 2022

Statement by Open Society Institute (OSI) Angola, Omunga and Association for Justice Peace and Democracy (AJPD)

Luanda, 21 July 2022

OSI Angola, Omunga and AJPD have been alerted to the detention, in unclear circumstances, of Agostinho Chicaia (ex-President of the now defunct Cabindan civil society organization MPALABANDA and currently Coordinator of the UN Maiombe Project) in Ndjili Airport in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr Chicaia was detained by the migration service when he was about to depart on a business trip to Harare, Zimbabwe.

OSI-Angola, Omunga and AJPD have ascertained that the arrest was carried out at the request of the Angolan authorities. We consider that Mr Chicaia has been arrested because of his activities as a promoter and defender of human rights, the well being of citizens and a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Cabinda region of Angola.

For this reason, we call on the Angolan and DRC authorities to state clearly what are the circumstances and the legal grounds for Mr Chicaia’s detention.

We also call on the authorities of both countries to release Mr Chicaia and to guarantee his security and physical wellbeing.

Antonio Ventura, President, AJPD
Katila Pinto de Andrade, OSI Angola
Jose Antonio Martins Patrocinio, Omunga