Pope says Publish What You Pay merits support

Source: PWYP International
Date: 23 Mar 2022

While addressing political and civil authorities in Angola last Friday Pope Benedict XVI stated that the Publish What You Pay coalition merits support, along with other initiatives including the Kimberly Process and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

During his inaugural tour of Africa, which took in Angola and Cameroon on 17-23 March 2009, the Pope made ending corruption and promoting transparency and good governance a recurring theme. Many African countries, including Angola and Cameroon, are rich in natural resources but the majority of their populations live in poverty.

The Catholic Church was one of the first non-governmental actors to speak openly about the resource curse and the importance of transparency as a solution. Having Pope Benedict mention the Publish What You Pay coalition shows that the Catholic Church remains a committed partner in the campaign for transparency in the extractive industries and that PWYP members around the world have been able keep the issue high on the agenda among civil and political leaders.

Follow this link to the full text of Pope Benedict’s address:

Le texte du discours est également disponible en français ici: