PWYP Regional Workshop - Eastern and Southern Africa

Source: PWYP International
Date: 24 May 2022

On 8-11th PWYP Mozambique hosted a regional workshop for publish what you pay members from Eastern and Southern Africa, which was attended by forty participants from twelve countries.

With a recent spate of natural resource discoveries in the region, civil society members are keen to ensure that their countries’ resources are managed in a transparent and accountable manner. They gathered in Maputo for three days of trainings and exchanging of experiences and lessons learned. 

A whole day was dedicated to EITI and training sessions.  Participants from non-EITI countries were introduced to EITI and civil society’s role in the initiative, while members from EITI implementing countries discussed how to go beyond EITI compliance.

The future of the EITI and the current work by the Strategy Working Group were also discussed and participants gave in their inputs as to how to improve the initiative. All participants agreed that the EITI should broaden its scope to go beyond revenue transparency.  

Participants also commented and gave feedback on PWYP’s on-goingstrategy development process, including PWYP’s proposed new governance system and coalition standards. These will be publically presented and validated at PWYP’s ten year anniversary in September 2012.

Coalitions and members developed their national work plans for the coming year. Regional and continental opportunities for advocacy, including the Africa Mining Vision, were also debated.

The workshop closed with the adoption of the Maputo Declaration,which highlights a series of recommendations to African governments; extractive companies; civil society and to the EITI process.

You can read the Maputo Declaration in full on our site