Statement from PWYP Yemen on the country's suspension from EITI

Source: TCEI/PWYP Yemen
Date: 25 Mar 2022

This is a summary of TCEI's statement concerning Yemen's suspension from EITI. The full version is available here (in Arabic only). 

The Transparency Coalition for Extractive Industries  (TCEI), PWYP's affiliated coalition in Yemen, issued a statement holding the Yemeni EITI responsible for  the country’s latest suspension from the EITI . This suspension was decided by the EITI board in Oslo on March 18th; it is the third time Yemen has been suspended from the initiative.

The TCEI declared that, according to the bylaws of the Yemeni EITI council, the latter is fully responsible for issuing the EITI reports in a timely fashion. On this occasion the council failed to do so.

The TCEI warned about the consequences of having Yemen delisted from the EITI due of the recurrent number of suspensions. According to the coalition, this will destroy all the positive steps that Yemen has taken since 2007 (the year it declared its intention to join the EITI) to instill more transparency and accountability into its extractive industries sector.

The TCEI stated that the Yemeni EITI council has a few days to finalize the preparation and issuing of the 2011 EITI report and to submit it to the EITI international secretariat, in order to lift the suspension.

The TCEI expressed its willingness to assist the Yemeni EITI  in any way possible in order to ensure that Yemen remains an EITI compliant country.