Timor-Leste should publish its 2012 EITI Report with disaggregated template

Source: Core Group Transparency Timor-Leste
Date: 16 Apr 2022

Core Group Transparency (CGT) is a coalition of Timor-Leste civil society organizations established in 2005, working to promote transparency in Timor-Leste.

In 2012, Timor-Leste published its 2010 and 2011 EITI Reports after the Timor-Leste-Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative Multi Stakeholder Group (TL-EITI MSG), especially the Civil Society and the Government representatives, agreed on a template for disaggregated reporting, even though the oil companies disagreed with it.

This year, the public awaits Timor-Leste’s 2012 EITI Report, and expects that all of the TL-EITI MSG will take the same path as previous reports, as well as ensuring that the upcoming report should follow EITI’s new global guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are indications that oil company representatives in TL-EITI MSG continue to disagree with using a disaggregate template for the 2012 EITI Report. They don’t want to publish detailed payment data, preferring an aggregated template which will show only their total payment. We believe that this position undercuts the oil companies’ good will to promote transparency in extractive industries that form the core of their activities.

Everyone knows that corruption, misusing people’s money, and environmental degradation from extractive industry become worse when one of the pillars -- oil companies, Government or civil society -- fails to ensure transparency and accountability.

Therefore, the Core Group Transparency is asking:

  1. For TL EITI MSG to accelerate the process of ratifying a disaggregated template for the 2012 EITI Report, so that they can begin preparing the report and publish it before December 31 2014 to keep Timor-Leste’s status as a complaint country.
  2. That oil companies should show their good will to promote transparency and accountability in their payment processes during the reporting period. Good will can support a better life for our nation’s future.
  3. That oil companies prioritize the interest of the nation and people of Timor-Leste, who are the owners of the petroleum and gas resources, ensuring the benefits to the Timor-Leste people based on the new EITI guidelines of EITI.
  4. That the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources establish a regulation for Timor-Leste EITI Multi Stakeholder Group to regulate the EITI Report formulation process, to ensure that EITI Reports are published in line with transparency guidelines in oil and gas and other natural resources.