Azerbaijan’s natural resources include petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals and alumina. In 2011, the oil sector accounted for 51.7% of GDP, 92% of overall exports, 70% of budget revenues and a quarter of overall investments. The Azerbaijan economy has become increasingly dependent on the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources, a dependency which has already become a major economic determinant shaping the economic growth rate. As a result of reductions in oil production by 10.5% and gas production by 2.2% in 2011, the Azerbaijani economy saw its lowest economic growth rate in the last 15 years (0.1%)

Sources: Azerbaijan Committee of Statistics, IMF, US Department of State

EITI status: compliant
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Zohrab Ismayilov, Coordinator of Council
Email: [email protected]
Office: +994124314612
Languages spoken by contact: English, Russian

Recent activities

5 February 2022 - Concerned at the deterioration of the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, PWYP International released a statement in support of the coalition and condemning the adoption of new laws restricting the ability of civil society to operate freely.

27 December 2021 - The coalition in Azerbaijan held their annual General Assembly and elected their new council.

14 December 2013 - The PWYP coalition in Azerbaijan conducted their annual self-assessment, using the toolkit developed by the Overseas Development Institute specifcally for evaluating the effectiveness of PWYP coalitions. They highlighted areas of strength, as well as areas to improve and set themselves specific targets to reach for 2014.

14 December 2013 - The PWYP coalition in Azerbaijan organised a training on the new EITI standard and planned how they would push for the inclusion of beneficial ownership and project-by-project reporting in EITI reports.

Coalition members

Care for the Elderly Intellectuals Azerbaijan Republic
Caucasus Media Investigations Center
Center for Democratic İnstitutions and Human Rights
Center for Economic and Business Research and Education
Center for Economic and Political Research
Center for Economic and Social Development
Center for Economic İnnovation
Center for Islam, Democracy and Human rights
Center for Journalists İnvestigations
Center of the Political Culture of Azerbaijani Women
Center of Women’s Problems Research
Citizens’ Labour Rights Protection League
Development of Society and Civil Relations
Eco- World Public Union
Economic Research Center
Electronic Elections publish union
Eurasian Lawyers Association
Foundation for Protection of Democratic Values
Foundation of Legal Initiatives
Human Rights- 2003’ Public Union
Inam Center for Pluralism
Information and Cooperation Network of NGOs in the area Combating Corruption
Oil Workers’ Rights
PROGRESS Social Development Public Union
Protection Organization Public Union
Robust Development and Enlightenment public
Social Strategic Studies and Analytical Investigations Social Union
Society of Democratic Reforms
Watch to Future
Young Democratic Reformers Union

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