There are more than  2000 extractive companies listed on Germany’s stock exchange (Deutsche Borse-Frankfurt with a total market cap of €276,551,338,000. The largest of these companies is Cnooc Ltd-adr. There are 329 extractive companies listed on Deutsche Borse-Frankfurt that are also covered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. While Germany’s extractive sector itself is small, it is a major importer of raw materials. Annually, German industry imports 50 billion euros worth of raw materials. A key issue for Germany has been how to ensure a sustainable supply of non-energy mineral imports, on which its industry and technology sector are dependent.

Sources: Revenue Watch Institute, Deutsche Welle, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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Recent activities

18/19 June 2013 – PWYP's International Director spoke at the Eschborn Dialogue 2013, organised by GIZ.

18 June 2022 – The G8 Summit Communique announced that Germany would pilot theEITI

PWYP Members in Germany released a fact sheet on the Accounting and Transparency Directives, which you can read here (German only).

12 June 2022 – The European Parliament voted through the Accounting and Transparency Directives by a huge majority. These oblige all EU listed, and large non-listed, companies to publish what they pay to the governments where they operate. You can read PWYP’s press release here

9 April 2022 – A milestone for PWYP as the EU reaches a deal on the EU Accounting Directive for country- and project-level reporting for extractive companies. You can find out more by reading PWYP’s press release.