Iraq’s is rich in oil and natural gas and other natural resources include phosphates and sulfur. The oil and gas sector makes up two-thirds of Iraq’s GDP and more than 90% of its public revenues. Globally, in 2010, Iraq ranked 12th in oil production and 4th in proven reserves. There have been suggestions of vast deposits of oil yet to be discovered in the country; Petroleum Economist estimated these at 200 billion barrels.

Sources: EIA, EITI, Iraq Oil Wikiguide

Open Oil has created an Iraq oil wikiguide - the Iraq Oil Almanac - containing lots of information about Iraq and its oil. It is the first open source reference for the Iraqi oil industry. You can visit the wiki in English or in
and its content is also downloadable in PDF format.

EITI status: compliant
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Ali Neema

About the campaign

The Iraqi Transparency Alliance for Extractive Industries (ITAEI) was established in June 2011, and includes representatives of civil society organizations, unions, professional syndicates, media establishments, and independent professionals.

The goal behind establishing the Alliance was to organize and consolidate the efforts of Iraqi civil society organizations working to enhance transparency within Iraq’s extractive industries.

The common vision shared by the Alliance members is that Iraq’s extractive riches belong to the Iraqi people, and thus revenues derived there from should be invested for developing the wellbeing of the Iraqis.

The thematic focus of the coalition revolves around building the capacities of the Iraqi CSOs in preparing and executing programs, strategies and mechanisms that strengthen transparency and advocate EITI principles.

Today, the ITAEI includes more than 50 members.

Recent activities

6-8 June 2013 Members of the Iraqi coalition participated in an EITI report analysis and introduction to new 2013 Standards workshop in Erbil

6-7 March 2013 Members of the Iraqi coalition participated in the MENA regional workshop in Beirut, where they endorsed their national strategy.

19 January 2022 The province of Najaf saw its first EITI workshop, with more than 40 representatives from various sectors (government, press, civil society etc.) participating to learn about the implementation of EITI in Iraq.

6 April 2022

ITAEI held its 6th Regular meeting in Baghdad.

This meeting was held with the presence of most ITAEI members and its aim was to tackle the following issues:

  • Discuss the organizational structure of the coalition and decide on the subcommittees that it should include
  • Review the latest developments with the Iraqi MSG;
  • Present remarks regarding the first reconciliation report 2009,
  • Discuss the work plan for the next 6 months.

Mr. Adnan Bahiya was elected as coordinator of the ITAEI for the next 6 months.

April 25 2012

ITAEI one year anniversary media conference

This media conference was held in celebration of the one year anniversary of the ITAEI. Opening speeches by the coordinator and other active members were made relaying ITAEI goals, achievements and future plans. This was followed by discussions regarding the CSO role within the EITI.

January 2012 saw the first in a series of EITI-focused workshops co-facilitated by RWI and PWYP. This three-day workshop, held in the Rotana Hotel in Erbil, gathered 30 delegates from the Iraqi Transparency Alliance, including members of Iraq’s Multi-stakeholder Group (the “Stakeholder Council”). The aim of the workshop was to enhance participants’ understanding of the IEITI validation process and requirements, basic EITI scope issues, and the importance of and challenges to effective EITI communication. Preliminary discussions revolved around the Coalition’s draft analysis of Iraq’s first reconciliation report, which was published on December 20, 2011, and around validation requirements.

The IATEI report analysis will be available to read in English shortly.

More recently, members of the ITAEI attended a seven-day ‘training of trainers’ (ToT) workshop, organised by Revenue Watch Institute in Erbil, on March 7-14 2012.

This workshop, not limited to the members of the ITAEI, was aimed at CSO professionals and trainers , and designed to build their capacities in conducting similar such workshops introducing EITI principles and process. Members of the coalition attended this workshop to better enhance their abilities as trainers and advocates for EITI, which serves one of their core objectives as a coalition.

Coalition members

ITAEI (The Iraqi Transparency Alliance for Extractive Industries) is made up of:

2020 Assembly

Aalah Eddine Assembly of Organisations

Academics Institute for Sustainability and Transparency

Akad Cultural Institute

Al Ahraar Organisation for Human Rights

Al Amal Iraqi Association

Al basra Provincial Council

Al Diyaa Center for Development

Al Hadeeya Organisation for Human Rights

Al Hana Youth Organisation

Al Haq Organisation

Al Hiyaad Organisation for Media Development

Al Hubouby Institute for Iraqi Youth and Students

Al Huda Organisation for Strategic Studies, Missan

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Al Ikhaa2 Democratic Organisation

Al Khayr Human Organisation

Al Mada Newspaper

Al Massala Organisation for Human Development

Al Meezan Assembly for Human Rights Development

Al Munqith Organisation for Human Rights

Al Nourayn Philanthropic Association

Al Racheed TV

Al Rafiday Institute for Civic Culture

Al Rafiday Organisation for Social Development and Reconstruction

Al Safa Association for Development Across Cultures

Al Safaa Humanitarian Organisation

Al Taakhy Association for Youth Development

Al Widd Humanitarian Organisation

Arab Youth Organisation

Ashour Institute for Development and Sustainability

Association for Children Rights and Family Protection

Association for University and Institutes Graduates in Iraq

Association of Journalists and Young Writers, Iraq

Awan Capacity Building and Raising Awareness Organisation

Babel Provincial Council

Babel University

Center for Corruption Detection

Committee to Support Integrity

Consumer Protection Association

Council For Iraqi Individual Development

Democratic Women Organisation

Development Iraq

Eternal Fire Center for Oil Development

Ethaar Institute for Human Development

Hawaa Organisation for Aid and Development

Independent Amal Association

Inmaa2 Center for Research and Studies

Iraqi Center for Human Rights Activists

Iraqi Economic Reform Institute

Iraqi Human Rights Institute

Iraqi Institute

Iraqi Organisation for Reconstruction

Ishtaar Organisation for Peace

Koufan Organisation for Human Rights and Democracy

Mawtinee Organisation

Mercy Hands Organisation

Musawaat Organisation for Human Rights

Nabeh Al Hayat Institute

Oil Consultancy Organisation

Organisation for Human Rights, KRG

Rafidai Al Iraq Organisation

Rafiday Association for Human Rights

Sayyid Al Shuhadaa Organisation for Social Development

Scientific Echoes Organisation for Training

Scientific Assembly for Education and Rehabilitation

Syndicate for Engineers

Tawasul Organisation for Development

Thur Center for Development

Together to Protect Man and Environment Organisation

Toufoulati Humanitarian Organisation

Towards Citizenship Organisation

Transparent Work to Fight Corruption Organisation

Union for Businessmen, Ninawa branch

Union for Iraqi Youth Collaboration

Union of Businessmen, Baghdad

Woman Rights Center

Women for Welfare of Women Organisation

Youth Union for Development, Mousil


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