Kyrgyz Republic

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Natural resources include oil and natural gas, coal, gold, uranium, iron, bauxite, copper and tin. The country depends heavily on the gold industry with gold accounting for around 40% of total exports. According to the 2011 EITI Report, mining constituted about 15% of budget revenues, about 15% of GDP and 53% of total volume of exports for the Kyrgyz Republic.

Sources: CIA World Factbook, EITI

EITI status: Compliant
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Recent activities

29-30 October 2013 - PWYP member "Tree of Life" held workshops in Naryn region. The traning underlined the following topics: ‘How to estimate the environment impact’, ‘New EITI Standard’ and ‘How to conduct public receptions’. Also the local citizents of Naryn region asked to held a separate session on ‘Legislation and taxation requerements in the mining industry’.

30-31 August 2013 - The Kyrgyz coalition held a workshop, "Promoting Vision 20/20". The participants conducted a coalition self-assessment, using the tool created by the Overseas Development Institute. The self-assessment evaluated the effectiveness of the coalition and highlighted key areas for improvement as well as areas of strength.

26 August 2021  - PWYP member "Tree of Life" held a National Forum for multi-stakeholder groups in the mining industry. The Forum was organised to present the experiences of the multi-stakeholder groups (MSG) in the mining industry in different regions of the country. International Director of  Publish What You Pay  Marinka Van Riet shared MSG experience of other countries.


Coalition members

Agrotechnologia (Osh)
Altyn Bulak (Naryn)
Association of miners and geologists (Bishkek)
Bai Too (Issik-Kul)
Citizens against corruption(Bishkek)
Elnaz (Talas)
Foat (Chatkal)
HDC Tree of Life (Bishkek)
Karek (Issik-Kul)
Kojoi-Serek (Batken)
XXI Century Youth’s Health and Education (Talas) Issik-Kul state university, ecology department (Karakol)
Manas Murasy- El-Kamy (Chaek)
Talas regional youth council
Ala-Buka local self- government
Lawyer and K (Sulukta)
Ombudsman of Talas region
Sedep (Kazarman)
Marendan (Chon Alay)
Naryn municipal resources center
Regional representative of «Coalition for democracy and civil society» (Talas)
Aarhus center (Osh)