Tajikistan is home to the world's second large deposit of silver, Koni Mansur, which is situated in the north of country. With annual extraction of 50 tonnes of silver, the deposit will last for 150 years. The country is also rich with deposits of precious stones, uranium (16% of world’s reserves), gold, coal, aluminum and polymetallic ores.

Tajikistan's extractive sector remains underdeveloped, but looks to increase -  there are significant growth potentials in the oil and gas  industries and more than 400 deposits of mineral resources and ores have been found, explored and prepared for development in the country.

Source: Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan, Main Directorate of Geology (MDG) of Tajikistan, EITI

EITI status: candidate

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PWYP coordinator
Tojinisso Azizova
[email protected]
(Languages spoken: Russian)

About the campaign

In August 2011, 21 Tajikistani NGOs founded the “Transparency for Development” coalition. Since then, the coalition has been working on an informational campaign to promote EITI and fight corruption and poverty in Tajikistan - particularly at the sub-national level. The coalition aims to work closely with Tajik government on effective revenues management so that the population in poor regions can benefit from the extractive activity taking place in their localities. The affiliated coalition will also work for Tajikistan to make the most of its pilot on beneficial ownership within EITI. 


Recent activities

27-28 February 2014 – The PWYP national coalition coordinator represented the Tajikistani coalition at an the international conference on EITI implementation at the sub-national level in Kazakhstan, Mangistau region.

21 - 24 January 2022 – The coalition of NGOs “Transparency for Development” was accepted as a PWYP affiliated coalition at the Global Steering Committee meeting in Paris.

26 February 2022 - Tajikistan was accepted as an EITI Candidate country.

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