Yemen’s natural resources include oil, natural gas and minor deposits of coal and copper. From 2000–2005 annual hydrocarbon goods made up on average 88% of total exports and hydrocarbon revenues made up 71% of total fiscal revenues. While reserves of gas could run out within the next decade, Yemen has been increasing production of Liquefied Natural Gas and there have been recent discoveries of Zinc in the country.

Sources: EITI, IMF, US State Department

EITI status: Compliant country
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Recent activities

28 November 2021 – Tawfiq Al-Budiji, Coordinator of TCEI, looks at what the EITI reports reveal about oil revenues in Yemen.

6-7 March 2013 - Members of the Yemeni coalition took part in the PWYP MENA regional workshop and endorsed their national strategy.

5-6 December 2012 - Five members from the Yemeni coalition participated in the PWYP MENA workshop. At the workshop they outlined their strategy for 2013, they will present a draft strategy at the third PWYP MENA workshop in 2013.

14 June 2022 - Yemen was re-admitted to the EITI process. Yemen had originally been suspended from the initiative in June 2011 due to prolonged instability and violence in the country. However, the Yemen EITI council had applied for re-inclusion following the presidential elections the January 2012 presidential elections. Yemen will be returning as a compliant country. Youssef Abouras, Chairman of TCEIW in Yemen (Transparency Coalition for Extractive Industry Watch), stated that his organization will help support the YEITI through the requirements that the EITI Secretariat has put forward for the full readmission of the country. Yemeni CSOs were supportive of the decision for suspension to be lifted, sending official letters to the EITI Secretariat in May 2011 to that end. However, some issues still need to be resolved, including how to ensure “that civil society is fully, independently, actively and effectively engaged in the process”.

Coalition members

Organization for Promoting Integrity

Al Amal Center for Transparency

Al Mustaqbal party

Democratic Youth Assembly

Economic Media Training Center

Felix for Oil Consultancy

Human Rights Information and Rehabilitation center

Irada Institute for Development

Kul Al Banat Institute

Network of Friends of Reconstruction

Nidaa Institute for Humanitarian Development

Organisation for Aid and Development, Hadramoot

Organisation for Change Towards Support for Rights and Freedom

Social Democratic Forum

Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies

Yemeni Institute for Legal Support

Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights

Yemeni Organisation for Economic and Social Development

Yemeni Parliamentarians Against Corruption

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