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What have you got to hide?

A slightly blurred image of a group of people, some appear to be chanting. At the front a few people hold a banner that says 'What have you go to hide' and the logos of Shell and BP are visible. Many people in the crowd are holding bits of paper that say 'We Agree'

Villagers in Angovia discuss impact of mining

Four men sit outside on plastic chairs and a wooden bench in a semi-circle, one is facing the camera and talking

PWYP activists discuss the chain for change

Two women and a man deep in concentration are sat at a desk, looking at a blue document that outlines the extractive value chain. The woman on the left is holding a pen, the man in the middle a document and the woman on the right is pointing to the document.

All the PWYP members at the PWYP 10th year anniversary conference

A group of about 150 people waving and cheering