The Future of EITI

EITI Strategy Working Group and the future of the EITI global standard

At its meeting in Amsterdam on 9th June 2011, the EITI international board set up a new Strategy Working Group (SWG) to facilitate discussion on the future strategic direction of the EITI in the next 3-5 years. This was an important moment in the history of the EITI because it presents an opportunity to begin discussion over potentially widening the scope of the initiative beyond its current focus on revenue flows. Other areas that the Group has been mandated to review include the validation and reporting requirements of the Initiative, as well as link ages with other governance reform programmes to ensure greater impact of the EITI in accordance with its Principles and Criteria.

Following the June 2011 meeting, PWYP members have been making made submissions to the EITI Secretariat with their proposals regarding the future of the initiative, which you can access below.

The EITI board is expected to make important decisions concerning the future of the initiative at the EITI International Board meeting in Oslo, Norway, on October 26-27 February 2013. Ahead of this crucial meeting, the civil society members of the EITI board (both full and alternate) have prepared this paper expounding their latest united position on the future of EITI, Civil Society Position Paper for EITI Board Meeting, February 2013.

Following the previous board meeting in Zambia, October 2012, civil society representatives also wrote a position paper specifically on contract disclosure within EITI.

Submissions 2012:

Civil Society Position Paper for EITI Board Meeting, October 2012

Bantay Kita

CRRT (Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency)


Jamaa Resources, Kenya

Submissions 2011:

Afghanistan Civil society coalition

Civil society members in Azerbaijan

Civil society members in Kazakhstan

Civil society members in Kyrgyz Republic

Pattiro (PWYP Indonesia member)

PWYP Africa Steering Committee

PWYP Australia

PWYP Côte d’Ivoire en français

PWYP Democratic Republic of congo en français

PWYP Indonesia

PWYP Mozambique

PWYP Republic of Congo en français

PWYP Tanzania and Fordia



Revenue Watch Institute (PWYP USA member)

Ukrainian NGO Association for Energy Transparency

We are still in the process of posting submissions online, more will follow shortly.

A brief summary of PWYP views can be found here (English) and here (Français).

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