The Board

The PWYP board is selected to take primary responsibility to ensure that the objectives and interests of PWYP, as a registered company, are protected and advanced. Board members govern PWYP in the interests of the members globally and collectively.

The board will normally accept the recommendations on strategy and policy of the Global Council, unless there are good reasons of legal or financial probity for not doing so. The board appoints and ensures the effectiveness of the Executive Director. Their responsibilities are set out in the Terms of Reference and Role Descriptions in the Governance Manual. The key responsibilities are to ensure that PWYP:

The board consists of minimum five and maximum seven members composed as follows:


The founding board which was selected by the Transitional Global Council in March 2015 consists of:

Alan Detheridge
Aroa de la Fuente
Ali Idrissa
Carlo Merla
Julie McCarthy
Marcela Rozo
Claire Spoors

The Board will serve for a mandate of three years to be renewed 18 months after a Global Assembly / International Coalition Strategy Meeting to prevent the Global Council and Board having to change all at once.

The minutes of the Board Meetings are available below:

  • Board Meeting 16 September 2021 here.
  • Board conference call 7 July 2022 here.
  • Board Meeting 4-5 April 2016 here.
  • Board Meeting 1 December 2021 here.
  • Board Meeting, 17-18 August 2015 here.
  • Board Meeting, 10th April 2015 here.
  • Joint Board and Global Council Meeting, 8 - 9th April, here.
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