Georgia lies within the upper Kura Basin, a hydrocarbon basin it shares with neighbouring Azerbaijan. Three natural gas and 17 oil fields have been discovered in Georgia so far, with confirmed oil reserves of 8.3 million tons and further reserves expected. PWYP members in Georgia are working to ensure prudent management and investment so these resources can be successfully commercialised.

Little attention is currently paid to how the oil and mining sectors are administered. Globally accepted standards and reporting principles to improve transparency are overlooked. PWYP members are addressing this by promoting civil society involvement in EITI implementation. Their work focuses on establishing a relevant legal framework for EITI and promoting compliance by companies and the government with the EITI Standard. They work to create closer ties and better dialogue with the government and mining companies, coordinating civil society efforts to demand transparency and monitor state expenditure of extractive revenues to ensure it generates sustainable development. Members also work to raise public awareness of transparency initiatives in the extractive sectors.