Azerbaijan’s natural resources include petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals and alumina. From 2000 – 2005 hydrocarbon goods made up 87% of total goods exports, equivalent to 26% of GDP.

Sources: IMF, US Department of State

EITI status: compliant
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Narmin Mirzayeva
(+994 12) 437-13-20 office
Languages spoken by contact: E nglish, Azeri, Russian

Recent activities

2 March 2022 - The Public Finance Monitoring Centre and IIED hosted a workshop discussing EITI and its implementation in the country. In 2009 Azerbaijan was the first country to become EITI compliant and the workshop focussed on how Azerbaijan could expand and strengthen its EITI implementation. You can read a report summarising the workshop written by IIED.

Last Update 10.06.10

In October 2009, the PWYP-affiliated Azeri coalition ‘For Improving Transparency in Extractive Industries’ hosted a regional conference in Baku for organizations working on extractives industries transparency in Central Asia and the Caucuses. In addition to representatives from PWYP International and Revenue Watch Institute, civil society representatives from five countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Georgia and Ukraine – travelled to participate in the conference.

The conference covered numerous topics, including: EITI innovations in different countries; challenges in the process and ways forward; the situation in Azerbaijan post-Validation; how to communicate EITI, coalition building, decision-making and management – amongst others.

Immediately afterwards, the EITI held its tenth Board meeting in Baku, on 14-15 October 2009.

In parallel to the preparation of the first official EITI MSG meeting, which took place at the end of January 2010, the Coalition of Azerbaijan Non-Government Organizations “For Improving Transparency in Extractive Industries,” (affiliated to PWYP) hosted two important events during Autumn 2009. The first one was a lecture given by an American expert on energy Security. Dr. Robert Cutler from Massachusetts University spoke about “Energy Security in the Caspian Basin” at office of the NGO Coalition. In October, coalition representatives met with the Executive Director of the World Bank, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iveala. The meeting happened on the initiative of Mr. Iveala, who wanted to capture the coalition’s views on EITI implementation in Azerbaijan, its positive effects and existing problems. Issues such as disaggregated reporting, contract transparency, negative points about activities of transnational companies and partnership with the World Bank and etc. were also mentioned.

Internal discussions on a law project titled “About Oil Fund” started on 30 January 2022 and gave way to a presentation in front of a wider public on 8 April 2010. Deputies, representatives of state agencies, mass media and NGOs, as well as delegates from the US, Norwegian, Turkish and Japanese embassies attended the conference.

Coalition members

Care for the Elderly Intellectuals Azerbaijan Republic
Caucasus Media Investigations Center
Center for Democratic İnstitutions and Human Rights
Center for Economic and Business Research and Education
Center for Economic and Political Research
Center for Economic and Social Development
Center for Economic İnnovation
Center for Islam, Democracy and Human rights
Center for Journalists İnvestigations
Center of the Political Culture of Azerbaijani Women
Center of Women’s Problems Research
Citizens’ Labour Rights Protection League
Development of Society and Civil Relations
Eco- World Public Union
Economic Research Center
Electronic Elections publish union
Eurasian Lawyers Association
Foundation for Protection of Democratic Values
Foundation of Legal Initiatives
Human Rights- 2003’ Public Union
Inam Center for Pluralism
Information and Cooperation Network of NGOs in the area Combating Corruption
Oil Workers’ Rights
PROGRESS Social Development Public Union
Protection Organization Public Union
Robust Development and Enlightenment public
Social Strategic Studies and Analytical Investigations Social Union
Society of Democratic Reforms
Watch to Future
Young Democratic Reformers Union

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