Hartford Gold IRA Review

Hartford Gold IRA Review

The 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis was one of the most devastating economic events in recent history. It caused widespread financial losses for investors, businesses, and governments worldwide. A combination of factors such as bad lending practices, subprime mortgages, over-leveraging, and excessive risk-taking by financial institutions caused the crisis.

In the wake of this global economic meltdown, many investors have turned to gold as an alternative investment option. Gold has proven to be a reliable store of value in times of economic uncertainty as it is relatively immune to market fluctuations and can provide stability during turbulent times. As a result, gold IRAs are becoming increasingly popular, with investors looking to diversify their investments and protect their wealth.

This Hartford Gold IRA review aims to provide an in-depth overview of the company, its services, and its products. It covers everything from fees and minimum account requirements to customer service and safety. It'll also examine the company's history, discuss why it may be an attractive option for gold investors, and offer our overall opinion.

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Company Background Information

Hartford Gold IRA Review

American Hartford Gold is a precious metal dealer that specializes in helping customers invest in gold, silver, and other metals by purchasing Precious Metal IRAs. Founded in 2015, the company focuses on providing secure storage solutions for customers looking to diversify their retirement portfolios with physical bullion.

Sanford Mann, one of the company's two key people, has been in the precious metals business for over 30 years. He saw a need in the market to provide customers with a better, more secure way to invest and store their metals.

President Scott Gerlis, who has been involved in the precious metals industry, joined Sanford to form a powerhouse combination of experience and customer service. That's when American Hartford Gold was born.

Since then, the company has gone through many changes. In 2016, American Hartford Gold introduced an online portal to simplify opening a Precious Metal IRA. In 2017, they added secure storage solutions for their clients and have continually improved their services over the years.

American Hartford Gold has become one of the most trusted and secure companies in the precious metals industry, providing customers with peace of mind that their investments are safe and secure. It has partnered with some of North America's most highly respected and secure depository institutions to ensure customers' assets are safe and secure.

Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly, becoming one of the leading providers of Precious Metal IRAs. It prides itself on offering quality products and services at competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Customers can choose from various investment options depending on their individual needs and goals. American Hartford Gold also provides a wide range of educational resources for investors, helping them to make informed decisions about their investments.

Products and Services Offered

Hartford Gold IRA Review

American Hartford Gold IRA is committed to helping its customers diversify their retirement portfolios through precious metals. They offer several products and services related to gold IRAs, including:

Precious Metal Acquisition

The company offers a unique service allowing customers to purchase gold and silver bullion and investment coins. Their selection offers an option for each budget, whether for investing, gifting, or simply collecting.

They have a vast selection of precious metals, including gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds.

Their gold catalogue includes coins such as the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, and Chinese Pandas. Their silver selection contains coins like the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Mexican Libertad, and the Austrian Philharmonic.

Each product is sourced from the United States Mint and comes with free, fully-insured shipping. This ensures that customers receive the highest quality coins without risking any loss of value during transit.

Furthermore, American Hartford Gold provides helpful resources to guide buyers' purchases from beginner to experienced investors. Committed to trustworthiness, valuable prices, and excellent customer service, the company makes it easy to find the perfect product for investing, gifting, or collecting.

Storage and Depository Services

American Hartford Gold offers customers secure, insured storage and depository services for their investments. They use the Delaware Depository or Brinks Global Services for storing gold and other precious metals investments.

Delaware Depository is a fully insured, state-of-the-art precious metals storage facility in Wilmington, Delaware. It provides maximum security and protection for customers' precious metals investment, including 24-hour surveillance, motion sensors, and double door locks.
Brinks Global Services is a recognized leader in secure logistics solutions. American Hartford Gold IRA provides the same level of security as banks and government entities by partnering with Brinks. While in storage, clients' gold assets are completely insured and safeguarded against loss or damage.

Customers may feel confident that their assets are safe and secure with American Hartford Gold IRA. They offer the finest level of service and comprehensive insurance coverage for each investment.

Hartford Gold IRA Review

IRA Rollovers and Transfers

American Hartford Gold IRA can handle any IRA rollover or transfer, making it easy and stress-free for investors to diversify their retirement portfolios. The company provides these services as a personal service to clients looking to invest in precious metals.

With years of experience, their friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you transfer your existing retirement account into gold or silver investments and securely store those assets in American Hartford Gold's private vaults and safety deposit boxes.

Their experts are ready to answer any questions regarding the transfer process, current market trends, and your best investment options. They will set up and manage the entire process for you, including transfer paperwork and keeping track of any relevant tax information.

Gold and Silver IRAs

The company offers this innovative service for those seeking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. Investing in gold has long been a strategy to protect hard-earned savings from the effects of inflation and economic instability, making it especially attractive during times of volatility.

With a Gold and Silver IRA through American Hartford Gold, investors can enjoy the benefits of holding physical assets—such as gold bullion coins or bars—in their retirement accounts. This type of investing can offer greater returns than traditional retirement accounts while allowing investors to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with IRAs.

It allows access to many options in different sizes, weights, and prices, making it easy to tailor a portfolio that fits almost any budget. Ultimately, this allows investors to potentially increase their retirement savings while protecting them from unexpected market forces.

How American Hartford Gold IRA Works

Hartford Gold IRA Review

First, you must arrange to open a Gold IRA with the company. Its administrative staff will assist you in creating the account, which usually involves filling out an online form and instructing you on how to fund the account.

You can roll over assets from other retirement accounts like a 401(k) or IRA or make a direct transfer when funding your account.

If your current retirement account is with a different custodian, you would need to initiate the transfer with them, and American Hartford Gold will follow up by contacting your former custodian to arrange for the assets to be transferred into your Gold IRA.

Once your funds are in place, American Hartford Gold will help you select what type of precious metal you'd like to purchase with your IRA funds. You can choose from gold or silver coins and bars. Whatever you choose is dependent upon your own financial goals and strategies.

The company will arrange for a depository to store your precious metals, which are fully insured. Your gold IRA will be treated as a self-directed account, and you'll always have access to your assets. American Hartford Gold prides itself on its customer service and is available to help with any questions or issues.

American Hartford Gold IRA offers its customers easy access to their assets and the ability to monitor them regularly. Customers can log into their online accounts anytime to view their investments and see how they perform.

They also offer a variety of tools and resources to help investors make informed financial decisions.

Fees and Commissions

American Hartford Gold IRA offers competitive fees and commissions that can vary depending on your account type. The company offers its services with an initial annual fee of either $75 or $125 for gold values below and above the range of $100,000, respectively.

Moreover, their storage fees are relatively moderate compared to the rest of the market, usually amounting to $100 annually.

Transaction and servicing costs for American Hartford Gold IRA vary by account type, but customers may expect to pay $40 per transaction when purchasing or selling gold. Maintenance fees may also apply, depending on the size and value of the account.

When it comes time to terminate an American Hartford Gold IRA account, consumers are typically charged a $150 closing fee. However, this amount can be waived in some cases if customers decide to roll over their assets instead of withdrawing them.

To unlock the full potential of their service, one must contact a representative and learn more about what is available to them. This way, you can have a personalized approach to your portfolio and make sure everything is handled correctly.

On top of the fees mentioned, the company also offers a comprehensive list of services that can be accessed at no additional cost. These include account monitoring, portfolio management, and professional guidance.

Pros & Cons of American Hartford Gold


Minimal Fees Structure

The company offers an unbeatable minimal fee structure for its clients. With no hidden costs, you get a precise, straightforward rate that allows you to maximize your returns without worrying about extra costs.

Plus, the fee model allows you to maintain greater clarity over your expenses to optimize your financial resources and utilize them optimally.

American Hartford Gold's all-inclusive pricing makes it simple and easy to plan and budget for expenses while innovating and investing confidently, giving you access to an exemplary wealth planning experience.

Personalized Care and Attention

When it comes to your financial needs, you're looking for personalized and timely care - especially if your plans change over time.

That's why American Hartford Gold stands out: backed by knowledgeable customer service representatives and attention-to-detail processes, they offer tailored financial solutions with care and respect.

Your expert representative will help walk you through the various offerings to create a portfolio designed to match your ideal long-term goals. All while sitting in the comfort of your home – no long trips to distant offices required.

With American Hartford Gold, you can trust that you receive individualized, comprehensive advice backed by years of experience and investigation.

Good Selection of Depository Locations

This is one of the main advantages to opting for American Hartford Gold, whether you are buying or holding, as it means your investments will be easy to access while stored safely and securely.

The company makes investing in gold and other precious metals easy by having a good selection of depository locations. It ensures you can store your gold near you without worrying about transportation costs.

American Hartford Gold takes all the hassle out of a potentially daunting process, making it easier and more convenient for any investor - whatever their experience level.

Flexibility to Own Physical Gold

Not all gold IRA providers offer the flexibility to own physical gold. But with American Hartford Gold, you can invest in both physically-held precious metals and paper assets - like stocks, bonds, or ETFs.

This means you can customize your portfolio according to your needs and preferences, whether you are looking for massive growth potential or a steady income stream. And because you can access your assets anytime, you have ultimate control over the timing and pace of your investments.

Solid, Established Reputation

American Hartford Gold has been around for almost ten years and has established a solid reputation as a leading gold IRA provider.

It is respected by both customers and industry professionals, with many citing its dependable customer service team and well-rounded fee structure as particular strengths. This is why American Hartford Gold is the go-to choice for novice and experienced investors.


Limited Range of Investment Options

American Hartford Gold does not offer a wide range of investment options, focusing mainly on gold and other precious metals. This may be limiting for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and access a broader range of investments.

Transparency Issues

Reports suggest that some clients have had difficulty obtaining information from American Hartford Gold and issues with the company's customer service. This lack of transparency may be off-putting for some potential investors.


American Hartford Gold is an excellent option for investing in gold and other precious metals. Their comprehensive services make it simple to plan and budget for spending, and their knowledgeable team ensures that the process runs smoothly and securely. American Hartford Gold is a fantastic alternative for people wishing to invest in gold because of its affordable rates and attention to customer care. So, why wait? Get your own American Hartford Gold IRA today.

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